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March 14, 2022

Good morning, and happy Monday! A North Carolina elementary school teacher ends every class telling her students she loves them. That really showed over winter break as she raised $100,000 to feed students in need.

Plus, as the world’s energy markets dominate headlines, a solution may be right beneath our feet. Scientists say fusion technology can be used to drill the deepest holes in history, unlocking clean, limitless, geo-thermal energy.

Also, when you need a pinch of thyme while cooking your next meal, you’ll be happy to have this spice rack. Keep scrolling for that Flag find and more.

Flag Polls

ab521640-e2ad-6400-4ea0-8848d603c575.png 3/11: Biden Job Approval, Rasmussen Reports Approve 41,
Disapprove 58
R 3/11: Generic Congress Vote, Wall Street Journal Democrats 41,
Republicans 46
ab521640-e2ad-6400-4ea0-8848d603c575.png 3/11: Direction of Country, Wall Street Journal Right Track 26,
Wrong Track 63

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Trending On The Right

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Deadly Airstrike Near Polish Border, Chemical Weapons, Journalist Killed

World: At least 35 killed by Russian airstrike on base near Polish border, Ukrainian officials say (NBC)

World: US, Ukrainian officials brace for possible Russian chemical attack (The Hill)

World: Former NYT contributor killed, other journalists wounded by Russian fire, Kyiv police say (Fox News)

World: Missiles from Iran strike near U.S. Consulate in northern Iraq, officials say (WaPo)

Sports: Tom Brady Ends Retirement, Will Return for 23rd Season (SI)

US: Gasoline prices edge lower after hitting record high last week (Reuters)

US: Barack Obama announces positive test for Covid-19 (The Guardian)

World: US Officials Say Superyacht Could be Putin's (Yahoo)

US: Texas judge blocks investigations into trans youth care (ABC)


What Should We Do?

With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine now into its third week, some are calling for a more direct response from the US government, which has already enacted widespread sanctions and sent aid dollars among other measures. The latest proposals include the declaration of a no-fly zone or supplying Ukraine with more military equipment, as well as ultimately sending US troops into the fight.

From The Right: “Biden and NATO have ruled out a no-fly zone over Ukraine, saying enforcing it would … expand the conflict. Ukraine is not a member of NATO, so it is not subject to the Article V provision of the NATO alliance that says when one member country is attacked, all member countries will take action to assist.” (Fox News)

From The Left: “The Biden administration is facing mounting pressure to get more involved in the war in Ukraine. But with every move that lawmakers, allied countries and Ukrainians themselves demand, administration officials worry that the risk of becoming a direct participant in the war grows. … President Joe Biden is sticking to his pledge not to have U.S. troops engage in direct fighting.” (POLITICO)

From The Flag: Russia’s aggression has been met with widespread rebuke and punitive actions, but so far NATO and its allies have not put “boots on the ground.” Here’s how both sides are answering: “what should the US do?”


Go Beyond Sanctions: Putin Must Be Confronted Further

Left-leaning commentary asserts the West should have organized a broad military coalition to shut down Russia’s invasion, similar to when Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990. Others want to see the US indicate how and when sanctions will be lifted, in order to provide Putin an off-ramp. Finally, one analyst argues this isn’t Vietnam, saying the US military should get in the fight.

“Preventing This War” David Leonhardt, New York Times: “Confronting a nuclear power is not easy. But there is a long history of successfully doing so, dating to the Cold War. (Otherwise, any country with a nuclear weapon could simply annex any country without one.) And of course the lack of a military response also carried big risks — which have now turned into terrible costs. Thousands of Ukrainians and Russians have died. More than two million Ukrainians have fled their homes. Cities are being destroyed and nuclear plants attacked. Given all of this, it’s striking that Western allies gave so little consideration to a bolder attempt to stop Putin. They merely pleaded with him not to invade and threatened relatively modest economic sanctions (which have since become more aggressive). He scoffed at them. The meekness of the initial Western response stems from two recent realities: the European Union’s wishful pacifism and the U.S.’s failed belligerence. Together, they created a power vacuum that Putin exploited.”

“How the US and its allies can help Ukraine without starting World War III” Zack Beauchamp, Vox: “Among Russia scholars I’ve interviewed, there is broad consensus that Putin cares about one thing above all else: his hold on power. If presented with a credible threat to his regime, be it from elite dissent or mass popular protest, that might give him a powerful incentive to try and cut his losses in Ukraine. … There’s evidence that this hope is bearing out: all of Russia’s major cities have seen protests against the war, a striking development given how seriously the Russian government punishes political dissent. … In theory, the West can try and counter this through its own media operations: using Russian-language outlets, for example, to blame Putin for sanctions and provide more accurate information about the war than what’s on government-aligned TV networks. But any such efforts will need to be done in extremely delicate fashion — too much overt interference, and it’ll discredit the protesters.”

“Americans Are Going to Have to Get Tougher to Help Ukraine” Ruben Navarrette Jr., The Daily Beast Opinion: “Isolationists in both parties insist that Americans shouldn’t send their sons and daughters to fight, and perhaps die, in Eastern Europe. I find this curious. The U.S. military is made up entirely of volunteers. This is not 1969. There is no draft. And Ukraine is not Vietnam.” Keep reading.


To Not Fight Is Betrayal, While US Economy Is At Risk

Commentary from the right is somewhat mixed when it comes to potentially getting directly involved from a military standpoint. One argument says we’re betraying Ukraine by not sending troops, something we’ve done to allies in the past. A comparison is made to Mussolini and the rise of fascism in Europe, which eventually led to WW2. Finally, the point is made that the US dollar’s supremacy is put at risk with widespread economic sanctions.

“The West must make Putin pay” David Patrikarakos, Unherd: "In 1994, under the Budapest Memorandum, we promised Ukraine that if it gave up the nuclear weapons on its territory after the fall of the USSR, we would guarantee that it didn’t face aggression from the UK, the US or, critically, Russia. But when Russian troops marched into Crimea and then eastern Ukraine, we looked away. We did nothing. Betrayal, in the movies, is crystal clear. ... We tend to betray not in black and white but in a thousand shades of grey. The averted gaze, the shuffle across the street, the decision to ignore what is plain to all. This is what we have done to Ukraine and to so many allies over the last 20 years. Right now, the Kremlin is suffering, but it will calculate that in a month or two — when the news cycle has moved on — things may be different."

“How to Deal With the Unappeasable Putin” Walter Russell Mead, Wall Street Journal Opinion: “After 20 years in power, he has failed to equip Russia with either the economy or the military that a great power needs. And because his power rests on such narrow and unsatisfactory foundations, his foreign policy remains one of brinkmanship and adventurism that is always vulnerable should his adversaries call his bluff … The best way to think about Mr. Putin is as a gifted tactician committed to a strategic impossibility: for Russia to regain the superpower status once held by the Soviet Union. Such leaders are unappeasable because their goals can never be reached. … There are two mistakes we can make about figures like Mr. Putin. One is to underestimate their talent for troublemaking if they don’t get what they want. The other is to believe that by giving in to their demands we can quiet them down.”

“Reject Liz Cheney’s War” Chris Buskirk, American Greatness: “Americans are generally unaware that there has been ongoing war between Ukraine and ethnic Russians in the Donbass regions of Donetsk and Luhansk since 2014. ... A policy like Cheney’s … is cruel in that it can serve only to increase the butcher’s bill paid by ordinary Ukranians.” Keep reading.


Polling: Consistent Opposition To Sending US Troops — For Now

The consensus seems clear when looking at polling data: Americans aren’t willing to send US troops to fight against Russia in Ukraine. When Russia invaded, 43% said they were opposed to sending troops (Fortune/Civics Analytics). Other polls were even more stark, with 71% opposed, and just 29% in favor (YouGov/CBS News).

As the calendar moved into March, 61% indicated they were against the idea of sening US troops into battle (Ipsos/Reuters).

There’s a clear line in the sand however, at least according to the respondents of one survey. In what’s also the most recent of all these polls, 79% said they’d support a US military response if Russia were to attack a NATO country (Quinnipiac University).

Flag Poll: Do you support sending US troops to fight against Russia in Ukraine? Join our discussion here.


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JFK Gravesite, Gas Maximization, Nicotine Nest

On March 14, 1967, the body of President John F. Kennedy is moved to a spot just a few feet away from its original interment site at Arlington National Cemetery. The slain president had been assassinated more than three years earlier, on November 22, 1963. Above is a photograph of the final gravesite under construction.

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Today I Learned some urban birds like finches and sparrows use cigarette butts as a form of pest control for their nests. The nicotine helps keep parasites away.

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