Vaccine Hesitancy: What Both Sides Are Saying

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Vaccine Hesitancy: What Both Sides Are Saying
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Vaccine Hesitancy: CVS Health said demand for COVID-19 vaccinations has fallen by about 30% recently. Here’s what both sides are saying. To have stories like this and more delivered directly to your inbox, be sure to sign up for our newsletter.

Story: Vaccine Hesitancy

Sharon Terlep, writing in The Wall Street Journal, reports: “CVS Health said demand for COVID-19 vaccinations has fallen by about 30% recently as Americans’ hesitancy to receive the shots outweighs expanding eligibility and access.

The pharmacy chain has administered more than 17 million shots, which are now available at more than 8,300 US locations. Like rivals, CVS has begun offering walk-in and same-day appointments for injections in a bid to improve uptake.”

Here’s what both sides are saying about the apparent threat to herd immunity:

On The Right

The right points to confusing and illogical public health policies, while making the case for personal choice with respect to the vaccine.

In Fox News, Tucker Carlson takes on political and public health leaders for their muddled and contradictory messaging, calling their “new round of guidelines….as indecipherable as a Turkish train schedule.” As he puts it, “All precautions against COVID are considered legitimate by the American news media no matter how self-evidentially lunatic they may be.” Carlson jokes that Americans are instructed to “cover your face during a Zoom call” and to “drive to work alone with a mask on!” Considering outdoor habits, he wonders why “children are being forced to wear masks while exercising outside” and why outdoor mask use is still around, especially, he says, if vaccinated. “We know the vaccine works,” Carlson adds, and that “anyone who wants a vaccine…can get one.” Get the vaccine if you’re at risk, he says, and if not, “maybe you don’t.”

On The Left

The left is pushing for mass vaccination to achieve herd immunity. They want people to better understand their own risk while participating in the process for the greater good of society.

In NBC News, Dr. Rob Davidson and Dr. Bernard Ashby outline their quest to get everyone vaccinated. Ashby, “a black cardiologist practicing in multicultural Miami,” describes his experience working amidst a population wherein “half of all Black people and four in 10 Hispanic people wouldn’t get a vaccine.” After “hospitals, doctors, public health and community groups began reaching out to, and engaging with, Black and Hispanic communities about vaccines,” he states that is now down to the 20 percent range. 

Dr. Davidson is trying to do the same as a “white emergency physician in rural, overwhelmingly white Michigan.” He is tasked with convincing “rural conservative family physicians” on the merits of vaccination. The duo predict that “in coming months, the race to vaccinate America will likely feel more like a slog, where every shot counts and every 4-H conversation matters.” They hope to win the battle “one conversation at a time.”

Flag This: Vaccine Hesitancy

According to 2020 Gallup polling, 68% of respondents said they’d get vaccinated “if a coronavirus vaccine were available to them at no cost.” That, however, is short of the estimated 70%-90% herd immunity threshold cited by public health officials.

Flag Poll: Vaccine Hesitancy

Do you think there should be a greater push to convince the unvaccinated portion of the population to get the jab? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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1 month ago

Conservatives love to bring up individual freedom when it comes to getting the vaccine. I can understand this for any matter that would only affect them. Unfortunately this isn’t one of those situations.

By going on unvaccinated you may not care if it puts you at risk of the virus, but what most are failing to take into account are the effect it has on those around them. Those people may be at a high risk of death if they contract the virus or worse, mutations will continue to occur in these unvaccinated forcing us to develop new vaccines as these mutations develop new resistances.

Please go and get yourself vaccinated. A plus was After I got my second dose, my smell which I had lost to covid for about 4 months, finally started to return.