🇺🇸 Unthinkable in Uvalde
May 26, 2022

Good morning and happy Thursday. The nation’s heart is forever wounded by the shooting in Uvalde, which occurred on the same day we learned this uplifting fact about America’s babies…

Plus, the most reputable companies in America include these supermarket chains…

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ab521640-e2ad-6400-4ea0-8848d603c575.png 5/25: Biden Job Approval, Economist/YouGov Approve 44,
Disapprove 51
R 5/25: Gen. Congress Vote, Economist/YouGov Republicans 45,
Democrats 41
D 5/25: Gen. Congress Vote, Politco/Morning Consult Republicans 41,
Democrats 45

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Shooter's Social Media, Russia-Ukraine, Fed Minutes Spark Rally

US: Texas school shooter Salvador Ramos bragged about plans in chilling Facebook posts (NY Post) + NRA to host Texas convention days after Uvalde school shooting (Yahoo)

World: Russian assault on eastern Ukraine threatens to encircle Sievierodonetsk (The Guardian) + War hacks: How outgunned Ukraine finds ways to counter Russia (NPR)

US: Wall Street rallies as Fed minutes meet expectations (Reuters)

US: Brittney Griner's wife calls on Biden to help in WNBA star's release from Russian detainment (Fox News)

World: UK's Johnson faulted for lockdown parties but won't quit (AP)

US: Jack Dorsey to step down from Twitter's board (NBC) + Musk, Twitter 'fireworks' could come at annual shareholder meeting: analyst (Fox Business)

US: Southern Baptist Convention sex abuse report: 44 women made allegations against Jacksonville pastor (News 4 Jax)

US: Joe Biden’s DHS Removes Title 42 Barrier Piece-by-Piece (Breitbart)

US: Hyundai recalling 239K vehicles over exploding seat belt parts risk (The Hill)


Unthinkable in Uvalde

On Tuesday in Uvalde, Texas a lone gunman murdered 19 children and two adults at an elementary school. Responding officers shot the 18-year-old suspect dead. An alleged motive has not been determined.

News Coverage from the Right: ‘It’s Just Sick!’: Biden Uses School Shooting Address To Slam ‘Gun Lobby’ (Daily Wire)

News Coverage from the Left: President Biden After Texas School Massacre: ‘Where in God’s Name Is Our Backbone?’ (Daily Beast)

From The Flag: Coming just 10 days after the mass shooting in Buffalo, America is dealing with a raw wound and persistent sickness that can’t seem to heal. Here’s more from both sides.


Guns Are Too Easy To Come By, and That May Be America’s Undoing

  • Simply stated, it's far too easy to access semiautomatic weapons and body armor, both of which are routinely used in domestic terrorist shootings like this.
  • The fate of America hangs in the balance amid this shooting and others: is this how the nation ends, by continuously tearing itself apart with violence?
  • Elected officials on the right and Second Amendment advocates refuse to consider anything other than adding more guns to the equation.

“Uvalde, Buffalo and the Semiautomatic Weapons That Terrorize Us” Mary B. McCord, New York Times Op-ed: “Permissive gun laws and easy access to firearms make the United States a prime target for firearms-based terrorist attacks … like the one in Uvalde, where 19 children and two adults were fatally shot. Whether that shooting ultimately meets the statutory definition of terrorism or not, it certainly has terrified people nationwide, raising fears yet again that children are at risk, even in their schools, by a violence abetted by the ready availability of semiautomatic weapons. … As the attacks make clear, these types of military-style weapons are not used only by those who commit mass shootings in the name of foreign terrorist groups. … National security and public safety require far more than a good guy with a gun. They require effective regulation over access to these weapons.”

“National suicide plays out one murderous mass shooting at a time” Editorial Board, Los Angeles Times: “Perhaps this is how it all ends — self-government, self-defense, self-control, liberty, unity, family. Perhaps the fate of the nation is to watch its soul die along with the at least 19 students and two adults shot to death Tuesday at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. This is us, the American people… killing our children, ourselves and each other. Killing our future. This is who we are. This is what we have become. We can no longer send our children to school without pangs of anxiety that they will be in the line of fire in what ought to be havens of safety and learning. Nor can we find refuge in churches, mosques or synagogues, or in shopping centers, or at baby showers, picnics or parties. When we feel in danger, we get out our guns. Our guns put us in danger, so we get more.”

One more opinion piece from the Left: Texas school shooting: The right responds to massacre by calling for more guns Heather Digby Parton, Salon


Solutions Exist, but Mental Health Falls by Wayside as Politics Rage

  • The common denominator in mass shootings of this type is mental illness, and we have failed to come up with an effective answer for that as a society.
  • Gun control measures would not have stopped the rampage in Uvalde or Buffalo, but hard security measures like armed guards and fenced campuses would make an impact.
  • President Joe Biden’s public comments following the Uvalde shooting were completely politicized, illustrating his continued failure to “unite the country,” something he vowed to do.

“Mental illness epidemic has kids killing kids. Uvalde school shooting is only the latest” Editorial Board, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram: “Whatever else these mass violence events are, they are a screaming symptom of our overall epidemic of mental illness, at all ages. We must address it forthrightly. Yes, guns must be part of the discussion. Sadly, many of the tropes that are rolled out in these circumstances are true: It was clearly far too easy for the shooter to obtain weapons. But he violated any number of laws already on the books and shouldn’t have even had the handgun he used. The U.S. is the only country to regularly suffer this kind and level of gun violence. But we don’t do enough to keep guns out of the hands of those who might be dangerous. … American youths are quietly suffering every day, and many will harm themselves if not others. … we already know things we can do to help avoid more — in our families and communities, not just in our governments.”

“​​None of the gun control solutions routinely posited would stop the sort of evil mass shootings we have seen over the past few weeks.” Ben Shapiro, Twitter: “When it comes to schools, the answer was and is that we must provide significant security upgrades to every campus. In the Jewish community, we have been doing this for literally decades at this point. Armed security guards, protocols on locked exterior doors, lockdown procedures and mechanisms for classrooms, fenced campuses are commonplace and well-accepted. Usually the response to this is, ‘But that's not normal.’ From the same folks who correctly point out that it is not normal for kids to have to undergo ‘run and hide’ training for school shootings. If we're going to make things more abnormal, can we at least do effective things?”

One more opinion piece from the Right: Has there ever been a more cruel, tone-deaf, president? Patricia McCarthy, American Thinker


Americans' Thoughts on “Hard Security” At Schools

Polling conducted immediately after the Buffalo shooting found 54% of Americans want to see stricter laws concerning the sale of guns, while 30% said they should remain as is, and 16% want them less strict (CBS News).

Two years ago, over 90% of parents said they consider locked classrooms, metal detectors, and the presence of law enforcement somewhat or very important (Harris).

In 2019, 62% of Republicans said armed teachers would make schools safer, compared with just 22% of Democrats (AP-NORC). That same year 61% of adults surveyed said an armed guard would make their child safer at school (Rasmussen).

Flag Poll: Do you support the use of more “hard security” at schools, such as armed guards and metal detectors? Click here to share your thoughts.


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The Last Czar, Setting Boundaries, Patriotic Drive-Thrus

On May 26, 1896, Nicholas II, the last czar, was crowned ruler of Russia in the old Uspensky Cathedral in Moscow. Above is a painting of the coronation by Danish artist Laurits Regner Tuxen.

Mark Manson: The Guide to Strong Boundaries

BBC: The death of 'mandatory fun' in the office

Conversation: The Dark Side of Social Media Influencing

Today I Learned the first McDonalds Drive-Thru was made for soldiers, who were unable to leave their vehicle while in uniform.

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