Which State has the Most Golf Courses?

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Which State has the Most Golf Courses?

Answer: Florida

Ah, the Sunshine State. Florida, known for sandy beaches, New England tourists, Disneyworld, Gators, and this guy, the state also hangs its hat on having the most golf courses in the entire country at a whopping 1,250. Compare that to the slightly colder state of Alaska, which only has 24, and it’s easy to see why young talent is developed in the swampy Everglades and old players want to move south.

According to Golf, “there are many reasons why so many PGA Tour pros from Europe and the U.S. make Florida their home: No state income tax, more courses (1,042) than any other state, terrific facilities and superb weather nearly year-round. The state also hosts a quartet of PGA Tour events at public–access courses: PGA National, Trump National Doral, Innisbrook and Bay Hill, where Arnold Palmer can often be found holding court. The ultimate endorsement: Past, present and future No. 1s, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, all reside in the Sunshine State.”

Believe it or not, this information is not readily available. For one study, My Golf Spy had to comb through a golf handicap and stat tracking service that contained over 34,000 courses. After filtering for only the United States they were left with 60% of the overall population, and then further eliminated par three courses. With that said, they arrived at the same answer and uncovered two more interesting insights. According to their analysis, Michigan has more courses than California and Texas, and of the more than 13,000 courses in the USA, 75% of them are located within these top 20 states below. Take a look.


Credit: My Golf Spy