American Flag Trucker Hat: Finding the Perfect Fit

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American Flag Trucker Hat: Finding the Perfect Fit
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An American Flag trucker hat is always in fashion. Here, we share some of our favorites so you can represent The Flag anytime, anywhere. Cover Photo: 13 Stripes

One thing unites us all in our ever-divided country: The American Flag. While our backgrounds and politics vary, the Stars and Stripes reflect us as a people. Likewise, it is important we find a high-quality American flag trucker hat to show our pride, and there are plenty of brands to choose from. Here is a round up of ten unique shops that sell American flag trucker hats.

Oscar Mike American Flag Trucker Hat

Oscar Mike is a 501(c)(3) public non-profit that sells American flag trucker hats, and all profits go to injured American war vets looking to stay “on the move” as civilians. Moreover, the company hosts and supports a wide range of sports-related events and programs. Overall, they help ensure vets enjoy an active life after their tour of duty ends. All products are made in America, and customers earn free shipping for all orders over $60.00.

Red White Blue Apparel

This business offers American flag trucker hats in a variety of options. Moreover, they span a rainbow of colors. The company sells only American-made products, and their hats are cut and sewn just for them. In addition to American flag trucker hats, they offer a line of sweatshirts, shorts, t-shirts, and other items with the American flag.

13 Stripes American Flag Trucker Hat

13 Stripes is a small veteran-owned business that believes in old-fashioned American values such as pride in self and country. Keeping with that theme, they offer several American flag trucker hats in a variety of colors. However, the style of these hats makes them a unique choice. Unlike the prior two brands, the 13 Stripes American flag patch is of solid black or brown, based on cap style. Similarly, the company offers black and white American flag car and truck decals.


Founded by twin brothers who came from Italy in 1947, this company makes American flag trucker hats and sports-themed clothing following a rich history. Notably, the brothers’ love of sports began when they attended Red Sox games with their father in the late 1960s. In turn, they are proud to use the best materials to create products based on family values. Their signature American flag trucker hat is named “Operation Hat Trick, ” and related sales are donated to organizations that support our vets.

Freedom Fatigues

Chris, an Air National Guard vet and police officer, founded Freedom Fatigues to sell American lifestyle clothes. He and his wife run the company from their Detroit home and work to help veterans combat PTSD. They donate a portion of their profits to local charities and partner strictly with local companies to produce 100% American-made merchandise. Their line of American flag trucker hats features a variety of creative colors and styles to match any fashion preference.

Eagle Six Gear

Eagle Six Gear is an American-based small business that sells a variety of products honoring our nation’s flag and those who serve it. They believe our freedom fighters should be honored and recognized during their veteran years. As a result, they created the Veteran Flag Cap: a jet-black hat with the American flag and “veteran” displayed on the front.  This American flag trucker hat coordinates with any outfit, and the company offers a variety of other American flag hats including one with the original 13‑star US flag.

Bison Union Co. American Flag Trucker Hat

Bison Union Co. is a small business that runs out of Sheridan, Wyoming. Founded by a U.S. Special Forces Counter-Terror Unit vet, the company makes clothes that reflect his love for America and the great outdoors on his doorstep. Specifically, a camouflage “Leather Buffalo Flag” hat features a bison centered within our flag, which is the perfect American flag trucker hat for hunters.

Medals of America

Launched in 1976 by American Colonel Frank Foster and his wife, Medals of America is a veteran-owned small business. The venture began in the family basement. Now, it is housed in an 80,000-foot warehouse. Frank’s son, Lee Foster, currently runs the business as its CEO. They offer a variety of American flag-themed hats that honor police officers, firefighters, POWs, and vets. More creative versions include a flag tucked inside a map of the US and an extra-large American flag trucker hat.

Warrior Code

The Warrior Code is a veteran-owned small business that was founded based on the “warrior code” soldiers carry into the field of battle. Their American flag trucker hats include a stretch-back style perfect for larger heads. Additionally, a jet-black hat has a steel gray American flag with the words “Warrior Code” on the back. They also offer a “Fearless Nation” cap with a silver flag inside a shield.

Grunt Style

Grunt Style is an American clothing brand that promotes pride in self and country. Above all, they aim to deliver the “most patriotic apparel on the planet, straight to your front door.” Their products offer something for everyone, and those looking for a camouflage hat or a jet-black version for everyday use will find just what they need. Moreover, other varieties include caps with the Texas flag and an ode to beer and whiskey.

Well friends, there you have it! We hope you liked our American flag trucker hat roundup. Go explore the best site for you. It’s time to show off your American pride!

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