84-Year-Old Veteran Challenges TSA Agent to Push-Up Contest

Francis Lanzano Contributor
84-Year-Old Veteran Challenges TSA Agent to Push-Up Contest
Read Time: approx. 1:13

What will you be doing when you’re 84 years old? Will you be traveling across the country and challenging TSA agents to push-up contests? If you think that sounds crazy, then you haven’t met U.S. Army Veteran Lt. Col. Maggie DeSanti who did exactly that. According to Fox News DeSanti was making the trip to experience the memorials and sights of Washington D.C. free of charge, thanks to local non-profit organization Honor Flight Arizona, which has so far flown over 3,000 veterans to see the nation’s capital at no cost.

Along the way, she decided to kill some time with a little good-natured competition at the airport by challenging an airport TSA agent to drop and do ten push-ups on the floor. DeSanti showed no sign of weakness, which makes sense. The 84-year old was a former U.S. Army nurse—whose military career saw her rappelling out of helicopters to treat wounded soldiers during the Vietnam War.

We salute you, Maggie! Thank you for your service and thank you for showing all of America that age is just a number.