Huge License Plate Map of the United States of America


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Design Turnpike creates art and maps using vintage recycled license plates. This small business is based just outside of Detroit, Michigan.

As a boy, David Bowman loved keeping track of license plates. On road trips, he entertained himself by keeping a tally of all plates he saw on the road along the way. Family vacations to New Mexico, South Dakota, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Canada, and many other destinations exposed him to the wealth of color, style, and personality of each state’s tag. His interest in maps, geography, travel, and crafting inspired his license plate artwork.

Warning! These are not your average license plate maps. These gigantic pieces of American automotive history are created using vintage genuine plates from all 50 states. Measuring a full 8 feet wide, the final product is absolutely huge. Weighs over a hundred pounds and includes between 100 and 150 license plates.


  • Handmade using genuine vintage materials


  • Width: 96 Inches
  • Height: 54 Inches

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