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November 23, 2021

Good Tuesday morning. This Wichita State University basketball star just went viral for cleaning the arena after his game.

Plus, an important reminder before you deep-fry your turkey. Make sure it’s completely thawed, or this will happen!

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Like Fine China

Last night, Fox News' Tucker Carlson interviewed Kyle Rittenhouse. The 18-year-old, who was found not guilty of intentional homicide and four other charges after he fatally shot two men and wounded another amid protests and rioting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, told Carlson, “This case ... had nothing to do with race." Rittenhouse said, "I’m not a racist person. I support the BLM movement and peacefully demonstrating.” As we've outlined, the high-profile case stirred heated debate over whether Rittenhouse was acting in self-defense or rather as an unstable vigilante who exacerbated tension amid the chaos. Last night's exclusive interview helps keep this case at the forefront of the nation's collective consciousness. Like a piece of fine China falling to the floor and shattering into a million little pieces, the verdict elicited countless responses that are simply impossible to capture in totality in this newsletter. Rather, here are a few perspectives from each side.


Unsurprising Verdict Will Embolden Others. Focus on Gun Laws.

Left-leaning commentators believe the Rittenhouse verdict is unfortunately unsurprising for a criminal justice system that, they say, favors white people. They believe it will embolden paramilitary groups and individuals and that gun laws—like open carry—should be amended.

"Kyle Rittenhouse verdict sends a chilling message to Wisconsin and the rest of the country" Editorial Board, Wisconsin State Journal: "The disappointing verdict is sure to embolden militant people who seek to take the law into their own hands. It also could increase and complicate self-defense claims if more people carry — and use — firearms in the streets. That’s a scary prospect. ... The Legislature must fix that law so immature people don’t cause more bloodshed. An untrained teenager with a semiautomatic weapon puts everyone — including police — at greater risk of conflict and harm. The Legislature also should narrow the law that allows people to openly carry firearms. If Rittenhouse had not been flaunting his rifle, he wouldn’t have attracted so much attention, and this tragedy could have been avoided. … We the people, through our democracy, must demand that this troubling saga never happens again."

"Kyle Rittenhouse Has Gotten Away With Murder—as Predicted" Elie Mystal, The Nation: "The verdict is not surprising, if you are familiar with how the criminal justice system works for white people. Wisconsin Judge Bruce Schroeder, who presided over the Rittenhouse trial, consistently made rulings in the best interest of the white gunman. He refused to punish Rittenhouse for violating the terms of his bail; excluded evidence of Rittenhouse’s behavior before and after the shooting that spoke to his intent and lack of remorse [and] allowed the defense to mischaracterize the people Rittenhouse killed as ‘rioters.’ ... A sympathetic judge and a predominately white jury are just standard gifts the criminal justice system gives to white boys accused of criminal violence. ... No doubt, some people will express shock at the verdict over the next few days. But Rittenhouse’s freedom is not a ‘miscarriage’ of justice—it is our white justice system working as intended."

"After Rittenhouse verdict, it's time to question the law" Jennifer Rodgers, CNN: "Those of us who don't want to have to worry about whether people like Kyle Rittenhouse will continue to brandish guns at public gatherings, thereby greatly increasing the danger of violence, should direct our energy toward changing the open carry laws in Wisconsin." Keep reading.


American Public Is Waking Up to Left-Wing Media Lies

Conservative commentators have focused most of their attention on what they believe are blatant lies from “corporate media” outlets. They think this case and others are opening the public’s eyes to a narrative pushed by the left.

"10 heinous lies about Kyle Rittenhouse debunked" Miranda Devine, New York Post op-ed: "Of all the willful lies and omissions in the media’s coverage of the Steele dossier, Brian Sicknick, the Covington kids, Jussie Smollett, the Wuhan lab, Hunter Biden’s laptop, and so on, nothing beats the evil propaganda peddled about Kyle Rittenhouse. The media said, 'He killed two black BLM protesters.' All three of the men he shot in self-defense last year were white, and that 'Rittenhouse’s mother drove him across state lines to the riot.' Wendy Rittenhouse, 46, never went to Kenosha. The media also said, 'Rittenhouse is a "white supremacist,"' as then-candidate Joe Biden labeled him in a tweet showing the teenager’s photograph. The FBI scoured Kyle’s phone and found nothing about white supremacy or militias, the court heard. ... Only because the public was able to hear the evidence for themselves did they become aware of the malevolent dishonesty of the media coverage, which has threatened a fair trial and ensured riots if Kyle is justly acquitted."

"From Kenosha riots to Kyle Rittenhouse trial, biased media coverage makes everyone angrier" Jonathan Turley, USA Today op-ed: "From the outset, politicians and media figures insisted that this was a case of murders committed by a white supremacist. Then-presidential candidate Joe Biden labeled Rittenhouse a ‘white supremacist’ in a tweet. ... Much of the media followed suit. ... What happened next was even more chilling. Faced with a collapsing case in court, many of the same media outlets struck out at the judge, the jury, and the legal system. MSNBC host Tiffany Cross advocated for the judge's removal. Rittenhouse was mocked for his ‘male, white tears’ on national television. ... The growing disconnect between actual crimes and their coverage is unlikely to change in our age of rage. Rittenhouse had to be convicted to fulfill the narrative and any acquittal had to be evidence of a racist jury picked to carry out racist justice."

"Rittenhouse verdict a massive loss for corporate media" Jesse Watters, Fox News: "The media lies triggered the riot, which ended up costing millions in damage and two lives. Remember, this is the same media who wants you to believe there were mostly peaceful protests going on as the fire was blazing behind them? Did they stop? No. The press polluted the jury pool, slandered the defendant, and attacked the judge. Make no mistake, this verdict represented a massive loss for the corporate media. Their power is slowly slipping away." Keep reading.


Court of Public Opinion

In an Economist/YouGov poll taken November 14-16 among 1500 US adult citizens, 41% of respondents thought Rittenhouse would not be found guilty of homicide, whereas 22% believed he would be found guilty. Forty-five percent said that he should be found guilty, compared to 32% who said he shouldn't. In a post-verdict poll from KGET, the majority of respondents said they agree with the jury's decision to acquit Rittenhouse of all charges.

Flag Poll: Do you agree with the Kyle Rittenhouse trial verdict? Click here to share your thoughts.


Goodbye Barbados, What Happened In Waukesha, Arbery Trial Ending

Bloomberg: For the first time in three decades, Queen Elizabeth II is losing one of her many realms. On Nov. 30, Barbados, in the eastern Caribbean, will be removing the British monarch as its head of state and installing Governor General Sandra Mason as president.

AP: Vice President Kamala Harris announced Monday that the Biden administration is investing $1.5 billion from the coronavirus aid package to address the health care worker shortage in underserved communities.

Milwaukee Journal: The driver suspected of plowing through the Waukesha holiday parade Sunday —  killing five people and injuring nearly 50 others — had an ongoing domestic violence case and was out of custody after prosecutors recommended an "inappropriately low" bail in the case, the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office said Monday. 

USA Today: With closing arguments underway, jurors in the murder trial of the three Georgia men charged in Ahmaud Arbery's killing were listening to hours of closing arguments Monday as four attorneys presented various views of what happened on that day early last year.

Axios: A New York State Assembly investigation released Monday found that former Gov. Andrew Cuomo "engaged in multiple instances of sexual harassment," substantiating allegations made in a report by the state attorney general earlier this year.

NBC: The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol issued subpoenas on Monday to high-profile allies of former President Donald Trump, including Roger Stone and Alex Jones.

CNBC: Stocks slumped on Monday afternoon, reversing an earlier rally that came after President Joe Biden announced he would renominate Jerome Powell to continue to lead the Federal Reserve over Fed Governor Lael Brainard.

NYT: The Justice Department will pay about $130 million to 40 survivors and families of victims of the 2018 massacre at a high school in Parkland, Fla., over the F.B.I.’s failure to properly investigate two tips in the months before the shooting that suggested the gunman might open fire at a school.


LIFE Launches, Killer Asteroids, Rainbow Raspberries

On November 23, 1936, the first issue of the pictorial magazine Life is published, featuring a cover photo of the Fort Peck Dam's spillway by Margaret Bourke-White. Above are three Life cover photos over the years.

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BloombergKiller Asteroids Abound. NASA Is Ready to Do Something About It

Greater Good Magazine: Don’t Be So Quick to Stereotype Generations

Today I Learned raspberries can be yellow, purple, orange, and many other colors that aren't red.

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