Is ‘Die Hard’ a Christmas Movie? Here’s what Americans Think

Parker Milner Contributor
Is ‘Die Hard’ a Christmas Movie? Here’s what Americans Think
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What’s Happening: There’s an intense debate taking place online that you may have missed in the midst of the impeachment inquiry and busy holiday season. Movie buffs from both sides are making their arguments as to whether or not Die Hard should be considered a Christmas movie. First, a little background:

  • On Fox’s 20th Century website, the movie company describes the film using the following language: “A New York City cop faces overwhelming odds when his Christmas visit to California is interrupted by a terrorist invasion of his estranged wife’s office building.”
  • Moreover, the movie review website, Rotten Tomatoes seemed to bolster the Christmas claim by placing the thriller in the top ten on its list of the 25 Best Christmas Movies Of All Time.
  • Last, but not least, the Brits couldn’t help weighing in on the debate. UK film magazine Empire has argued that it’s “the greatest Christmas movie ever made” according to YouGov who commissioned a poll to decided once and for all if Die Hard truly is a Christmas classic.

Results are in: As Statista points out in its illustration below, “barely 20 percent of people polled said Die Hard was a Christmas movie.” We decided to join the fun and run a poll on our own Facebook page. Click here weigh in and let us know what you think.

Infographic: U.S. Adults Say 'Die Hard' Is Not a Christmas Movie | Statista