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June 15, 2022

Good morning and happy Wednesday! This good-natured border settlement was preceded by exchanges of schnapps and Canadian whiskey…

Plus, elevators in Boston now have special “scent” sensors…

Also, turn into a slicing and dicing machine with this Flag Find!

Flag Polls

ab521640-e2ad-6400-4ea0-8848d603c575.png 6/14: Biden Job Approval, Rasmussen Reports Approve 38,
Disapprove 61
ab521640-e2ad-6400-4ea0-8848d603c575.png 6/13: Direction of Country, Rasmussen Reports Right Track 23,
Wrong Track 71
ab521640-e2ad-6400-4ea0-8848d603c575.png 6/13: Biden Job Approval, IBD/TIPP Approve 37,
Disapprove 49

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Biden's Saudi Meeting, McConnell's Support, and Destigmatizing Monkeypox

US: Biden to meet with Mohammed bin Salman in July visit to Saudi Arabia (NBC)

US: McConnell says he'll support a gun reform bill if it matches the proposed framework (NPR)

World: WHO Will Rename Monkeypox Virus to Minimize Stigma and Racism (TIME)

US: House passes Senate bill providing security to Supreme Court justices' families (Fox News)

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High Five

The average price for a gallon of gas rose above $5 this week across the US. Amid soaring inflation, the Biden administration is facing intense scrutiny over where prices are headed and how that could impact the broader economy.

News Coverage from the Left: 10 states now have average gas prices above $5 (NPR)

News Coverage from the Right: Biden dismissed idea ethanol could help slash gas prices as admin struggles to respond to rising costs: Report (Fox News)

From The Flag: The stock market is struggling, wages lag behind cost increases, and everyday Americans are feeling the squeeze. At the same time, the job market is strong. Here's more from both sides with gas prices at record highs.


Biden's Energy Policies Are to Blame

  • Biden’s not the only one to blame for surging gas prices, but his approach to energy makes the situation worse.
  • The Biden administration’s energy agenda is not only harmful in terms of fossil fuels, but it's also hampering green energy initiatives.
  • The surge in gas prices is troublesome for Democrats who advocate for stronger green energy policies.

“Biden’s $5 Gallon” The Editors, National Review: “Two Biden milestones: a national average of $5 per gallon for gasoline for the first time ever, and a 39.7 percent approval rating in the RealClearPolitics polling average, the lowest of his presidency. Gasoline prices certainly aren’t the only issue driving that low poll number, but they’re the only issue that’s plastered on roadside signs 24/7 across the entire country. The president isn’t solely responsible for the price of gasoline, and there are plenty of disruptions to the global oil market right now that Biden can’t do anything about. But Biden’s energy policy would have the effect of locking in high gas prices in the future. If he gets his way, get used to $5 per gallon — or more. Biden’s energy policy is based on the same logic as Germany’s, which tried and failed to engineer an “energy transition” to all renewable power through government management.”

“The Costly Contradictions of Biden’s Crusade for Green Energy” Thomas J. Duesterberg, Wall Street Journal Opinion: “The administration’s crackdown on mining projects also disadvantages the U.S. electric-vehicle industry. China, which controls much of the mineral production needed for lithium-ion batteries, is ramping up domestic production of these minerals while buying lithium and cobalt mines in Africa and South America. As far as Mr. Biden’s aim to reinvigorate U.S. manufacturing, his energy policy undermines hundreds of thousands of good jobs in the fossil-fuel industry and does little to foster a renewable-energy industry at home. The administration’s program may help promote new jobs installing solar heating panels and in large-scale electric generation plants, but the underlying hardware is largely sourced outside the U.S. with raw materials mined and refined from foreign sources. … A pragmatic understanding of the overall costs and benefits of the transition to a green economy at a time of war and economic challenges would lead to a more coherent policy. It is time for a revised energy plan.”

One more opinion piece from the Right: Gas Prices Spell Trouble for Green Dems Susan Crabtree Real Clear Politics


Putin and Russia's Invasion Are to Blame

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin is at fault for rising gas prices, all while more people are traveling and demand has increased.
  • We need to stop complaining about the rising cost of gas and accept it as a necessary cost of freedom.
  • Biden can combat the energy crisis by using his executive powers to ramp up clean energy production.

“$5 gas is largely Putin’s fault” Editorial Board, Washington Post: “This is largely Vladimir Putin’s fault. Gas prices are up nearly $2 in the past year, and 75 percent of that increase came since Putin’s Russian troops invaded Ukraine. The United States and many other countries rightly responded to this unjustified war by imposing heavy sanctions and halting purchases of Russian oil and grain. But that means supplies are down, and energy and food prices have soared to record highs around the world. Putin wants — and expects — the world to cave and lift the sanctions and cede parts of Ukraine to Russia in the face of these high prices. As hard as it is, we cannot let Putin win. Stronger demand is also playing a role. As pandemic restrictions fade, Americans are booking trips to the beach, theme parks, and cities at home and abroad. … This is on top of many families driving to vacation spots and driving to the office and school again.”

“Stop whining about gas prices — freedom costs, and we have to pay our share” Leonard Greene, New York Daily News Opinion: “We are still battling inflation. The pandemic continues, and there is war in Eastern Europe. … Russia must pay for its aggression, the president said, and when harsh sanctions were not enough, that’s when Biden announced a ban on Russian oil. And that’s when all the whining started. … we’re not going to drill our way out of this problem. We’re not going to pipeline our way to the promised land. … How much more of the earth do we want to sacrifice to fill the tanks on our Navigators and Escalades? … Never mind that the nation’s economy is struggling to recover from a crippling pandemic that happened on a Republican president’s watch. … Biden’s critics like to blame him for inflation, (but) tend to leave inflation out of the equation when it comes to gas prices.”

One more opinion piece from the Left: How President Biden can win the energy war with Russia — and lower gas prices Kevin Johnson and Mark Ruffalo, CNN Business Opinion


Americans Are Concerned and Unhappy About the Economy

According to the Washington Post, Americans are overwhelmingly unconfident about the economy. Polling reveals 30% believe rising prices will get “much worse” while 36% feel it will get “somewhat worse.”

As families figure out summer vacation, an informal poll from inMaricopa saw 68% of respondents say “yes” when asked if gas prices would impact their plans. 

Per the economy as a whole, an ABC News/Ipsos poll found Americans are not pleased with Biden’s response to the current economic conditions. Only 37% of respondents approved of Biden’s approach.

Flag Poll: Do you mostly blame President Biden's policies for elevated gas prices? Click here to share your thoughts.


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Magna Carta Sealed, Ditch Your Phone, Bountiful Belugas

On June 15, 1215, following a revolt by the English nobility against his rule, King John placed his royal seal on Magna Carta, or “the Great Charter.” The document, essentially a peace treaty between John and his barons, guaranteed that the king would respect feudal rights and privileges, uphold the freedom of the church, and maintain the nation’s laws.

NPR: 13 small ways to ditch your phone and live more in the moment

The Guardian: Why Staring at Screens Is Making Your Eyeballs Elongate—and How to Stop It

Popular Mechanics: What You Need to Know About How Tornadoes Form

Today I Learned Hudson Bay and its shores are populated by more Beluga whales than people.

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