Governor Andrew Cuomo: The Lov Gov

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Governor Andrew Cuomo: The Lov Gov
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Governor Andrew Cuomo: On Tuesday, investigators said they substantiated sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo from 11 women. Here’s what both sides are saying. To have stories like this and more delivered directly to your inbox, be sure to sign up for our newsletter.

Top Story: Governor Andrew Cuomo

It’s been a tough stretch for two of America’s most high-profile governors. Yesterday, we wrote about the California recall effort aiming to oust Gov. Gavin Newsom. On the other side of the country, the picture isn’t much rosier. “New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s monthslong fall from grace reached a nadir Tuesday, when investigators said they substantiated sexual harassment allegations against him from 11 women, many of whom have worked for him,” the Associated Press reports. “Cuomo, once widely beloved for his telegenic response to the coronavirus pandemic, continues to deny the allegations and maintains he isn’t going anywhere — but his political future might soon be out of his own hands.” During the height of the pandemic, in April 2020, Gov. Cuomo and his younger brother Chris Cuomo became nightly staples on CNN. In one segment, Chris told his brother that he had recently heard someone refer to him as the “Love Gov.” Gov. Andrew Cuomo responded: “I am the Love Gov. I’m a cool dude in a loose mood. You know that. I just say let it go. Just go with the flow baby.” Here’s what both sides are saying.

On The Left

Left-leaning outlets and commentators are calling for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign. One writer wonders, however, if he will follow in the footsteps of Donald Trump and Bill Clinton instead.

“You Should Resign, Governor Cuomo” Editorial Board, New York Times: “From the report, for which investigators interviewed 179 witnesses and gathered more than 74,000 pieces of evidence, two things are clear. First, Mr. Cuomo may yet face legal consequences for his alleged actions … Second, regardless of what may happen in a court of law, the governor has only one conscionable option left: He should resign. … Mr. Cuomo has always had a self-serving streak and been known for his political bullying. He also has used those traits to be an effective politician and, in many of his achievements as governor, won the public’s trust. What this report lays out, however, are credible accusations that can’t be looked past. … If Mr. Cuomo cares for the well-being of the state and its citizens as much as he has said he does over the years, he needs to do the right thing and step down.”

“Andrew Cuomo must ‘do the right thing’ and resign” Kevin Walling, Democratic campaign strategist, The Hill: “Americans by and large hate hypocrites in politics, nearly as much as they dislike political opportunists. As a lifelong Democrat, it was important for me personally and publicly to condemn Andrew Cuomo. … There must be only one set of rules for everyone in public life, especially once an independent investigation is carried out, evidence is presented, witness statements are sworn, and a report like this one is conclusive. … Back in 2013, [Gov. Andrew Cuomo] tweeted, ‘There should be a zero tolerance policy when it comes to sexual harassment & must send a clear message that this behavior is not tolerated.’ What was true in 2013, is true now, and the governor must do the right thing and step aside.”  

“Will Cuomo resign? Powerful men have a history of not backing down” Zachary Wolf, CNN: “The most powerful men in politics. They’re often rewarded for having no shame. That New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, hasn’t yet resigned his position puts his ego and gall in league with Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, two other US politicians accused of wrongdoing but who would not back down. … The playbook Clinton and Trump wrote, and which Cuomo appears to be following, goes something like this: deny, deflect, do not resign or back down. … The difference for Cuomo may be that his own party is turning on him, like Democrats did on former Sen. Al Franken. … It seems unlikely that Cuomo, at the top of New York politics for years, has another elected position in his career. A middle ground for him could be to serve out the remainder of his term and not run for reelection next fall. That’s assuming the state Legislature doesn’t impeach and remove him first.”

On The Right

Right-leaning outlets and commentators aren’t convinced that Gov. Andrew Cuomo will voluntarily resign. This is why they’re urging the state Legislature to begin the impeachment process.

“The Andrew Cuomo Standard” Editorial Board, Wall Street Journal: “We’re about to find out if Democrats believe what they say about having no tolerance for sexual harassment. If they do, then they have little choice other than to move to impeach Andrew Cuomo as Governor of New York. … No corporate CEO, or even a junior executive, would survive in the job amid the trail of bullying, groping, leering, unwanted kissing, and suggestive come-ons recorded in the report by six lawyers at two law firms. … If Democrats have the courage of their convictions, they’ll call on the Legislature to start impeachment proceedings. Make the case for why the verdict of voters should be short-circuited with specific charges and evidence. This would give Mr. Cuomo’s lawyers the chance to defend him against the allegations and to cross-examine his accusers. Anything less will mean giving Mr. Cuomo—and themselves—a pass.”

“Smug Cuomo will never resign despite sexual harassment probe. He should be impeached”Tammy Bruce, Fox News Opinion: “The report … details behavior of a man who’s gotten away with everything for a very long time. He clearly still expects to get away with everything. His strategy is to frighten and intimidate people. That is the specialty of abusers everywhere; it is the tactic of all bullies, thugs, and brutes. … In the midst of his patronizing finger-pointing, self-pity, and complaints about how hard this has been on his family, he also had the gall to say the complaints made by the victims are an insult to women who’ve actually been sexually harassed. … The last place people like this should be is in control of anyone else’s life. … Someone like Cuomo will never resign. The Democrat Assembly in New York must impeach him. And the rest of us must remember the damage that a menace like Cuomo can inflict if allowed to continue in office.”

“The Cuomo brothers — and other liberal, privileged men — have finally outdone themselves” Maureen Callahan, New York Post: “There is no longer any debate as to what Gov. Cuomo did, how he abused his power, and what he truly thinks of women. If #MeToo is to mean anything, Andrew Cuomo must go. So too must Chris be ousted from his perch at CNN. As we now know, Chris secretly advised his brother to gut out this scandal, over a series of crisis talks, despite a pronounced conflict of interest. … Cuomo the Younger is but one example of privileged, liberal men, high on their own self-regard, who have really outdone themselves. … I know, I know: Chris isn’t really a journalist. He just plays one on TV. But still — how can CNN expect to be taken seriously with this guy still on the air?”

Flag This: Governor Andrew Cuomo

Flag Polls: According to a new Marist poll conducted after the latest report, 59% of New Yorkers want Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign. In the event that he doesn’t, 59% of them said he should be impeached. Among those who want him to resign, 63% are registered voters and 52% are Democrats.

Flag This: This polling aligns with what fellow politicians are saying as well. President Biden said Tuesday that he believes Cuomo should quit. Both US senators for New York, Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, say he should resign. So do US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the governors of neighboring New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, and many other Democrats. If Cuomo doesn’t voluntarily resign, the state Assembly has the power to bring impeachment charges against him. New Yorkers can’t recall Cuomo because New York has no mechanism in place to remove elected officials via recall.

Flag Poll: Governor Andrew Cuomo

Do you think Gov. Andrew Cuomo should resign? If he doesn’t, do you think he should be impeached? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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1 month ago

Nobody should even have to think about this one. Anyone who is in public office should be an outstanding citizen and he fails badly on this. Cuomo should resign. He is not alone though as there are many people in even higher positions of the federal government that should resign as well. As Americans we need to hold our representatives to a high standard and we are not.

1 month ago

Obviously he should resign although he has refused to do so for over a month. He’s still playing “deny til you die” and it’s only going to get worse. He’s been a corrupt politician from day 1 and it’s absolutely insane that he remains the governor of NY. Let’s move on to impeachment and criminal charges against him. Chuck Schumer should also resign as he is helping Cuomo’s efforts to deflect these confirmed sexual harassment and toxic workplace issues. His controversies highly outweigh any accomplishments. A simple Google search and a quick read on Wikipedia confirms that. The only reason he was elected is the fact that his father was previously the governor. His opponents in that race made national headlines as a former madam, a black panther, and the crazy guy who said “the rent is too damn high” even though he hadn’t paid rent in over a decade. NY deserves better. NYers deserve better. I was born and raised in upstate NY. The day we allowed the Clinton family to buy a house in Skaneatles just because Hilary wanted to be an elected official was a disgrace. I remember marching in the street as a teenager in an attempt to be heard. Criminals like Cuomo and the Clinton family have no place in government or in our society. No one in this country should be living in fear that they will say something and be killed in order to be silenced. Criminals need to be locked up. Citizens need to be heard and properly represented.

Andrew Jay
1 month ago

Why is this a debate? Of course he should be gone. This egotistical maniac, along with his baby brother Chris, flaunt themselves on the Clinton News Network like hip, first year college freshmen.
Wakey wakey New York!

Thomas Bender
1 month ago

Not really adding to the debate. The Governor of N Y should resign. But I do not believe he will. I think he will follow the examples of the Governor of VA, and Bill Clinton and Trump for that matter. Sadly I believe the people of N Y will probably grant him a pass.

1 month ago

Of course Mr. Cuomo should resign. But I believe we saw the same behavior coming from President Biden. Why do we have this double standard? Are politicians just allowed to do whatever they want with impunity? How did we get here?

Robert P Poach
1 month ago