Tea Kettles Made in the USA: Few and Far Between

James Flippin Contributor
Tea Kettles Made in the USA: Few and Far Between

It’s not easy to find tea kettles made in America, but they are out there.

For many Americans, a piping hot cup of tea is the perfect way to start the day or relax and unwind. Many consider it their favorite herbal remedy. Tea consistently ranks as one of the most popular beverage options in the United States. Yet, for people living in America who enjoy brewing a pot, finding a tea kettle made in the USA can seem impossible. We’re aiming to make that process easier with this buying guide. It’s also inspired by a legitimate love of tea!

According to legend, tea was originally discovered by accident. Way back in 2737 B.C., Chinese Emperor Shen Nung happened upon the wonders of tea. Leaves from a nearby tree landed in the hot beverage one of his servants had brought him and he liked what he tasted. The happy accident created one of the most popular drinks ever served to humankind. At least according to the story.

There are a few things American consumers should consider while searching. To ensure you choose a high-quality tea kettle consider the following:

Type of Tea Kettles: The most popular tea kettles available for Americans are electric, stovetop, and gooseneck.

Materials Used for Tea Kettles: Tea kettles are commonly made using various materials. These include stainless steel, enamel, cast-iron, copper, glass, and ceramic.

Special Features for Tea Kettles: The whistling feature lets you know when the liquid is ready. Temperature gauges help you achieve just the right level of heat. The various styles and colors available convey your sense of personality and style.

Thanks to the internet and ecommerce, your search doesn’t have to be a painful one. Enjoying a refreshing earl grey or a delightful herbal blend has never been easier. At the Flag, we always support companies who make their products in America. You’ll absolutely love making your tea in one of these awesome tea kettles made in the USA.

Where to Find Tea Kettles Made in the USA


Since 1976, Medelco has made houseware accessories for tea and coffee fanatics. They continue to produce premium tea and coffee brewing products right here in the US.

A high-quality Made in the USA tea kettle is the Glass Stove Top Whistling Tea Kettle. Many American tea drinkers consider it one of the finest choices available today. It’s made using laboratory-quality borosilicate glass, which indicates the ideal boiling point. This tea kettle holds 12 cups (48 ounces), plus it’s dishwasher safe and BPA-free.

Medelco produces its American-made tea kettles in Bridgeport, Connecticut. It sources components and parts for its products around the world. Assembly is then completed in Connecticut. If you’re in the market for a great tea kettle, be sure to check this company out.


Since 1936, the Fiesta Tableware Company has dedicated itself to offering exceptional products. All manufacturing takes place in Newell, West Virginia. The company proudly employs skilled American craftspeople and delivered high-quality homeware products. This brand is an American icon for all the right reasons.

Fiesta use lovely designs that will impress your family and friends. That said, each product is equally durable and you can be sure to enjoy a new Fiesta product for many years to come.

Each Fiesta teapot is very attractive and features an eye-catching ceramic finish. The Large Desk Pitcher is a popular choice. Note these teapots serve tea in style but can’t boil water due to their ceramic construction. Still, their adorable decorative pieces add an American-made flair to your serving set.

Flag This: Kettles Made in the USA for American Tea Drinkers

Enjoying a cup of tea is one of life’s true rewards. Whether it marks the start of your day or the end, all that matters is the ability to savor the refreshing goodness.

Drinking tea is all about enjoying the enticing flavor and aromas. Ahead of your next cup, we recommend reaching for a tea kettle made in the USA. That said, it’s getting harder to track down high-quality American-made homeware products. Once upon a time, tea kettles and other products for the home came from local communities. Today, they’re largely imported.

For this reason, we recommend you take a look at the fantastic options offered by Medelco and Fiesta. They’re suitable for different purposes depending on your preferences. The Medelco Stove Top Whistling Tea Kettle is perfect for brewing your tea. Fiesta’s Large Disk Pitcher enhances the serving experience. Americans love their tea, and every brewed cup can also support the nation’s economy. Cheers!