Slippers Made in the USA: Six Top-Tier Brands

James Flippin Contributor
Slippers Made in the USA: Six Top-Tier Brands

Slippers made in the USA aren’t as common as they used to be. Don’t worry, we’ve found six brands that will help keep your feet warm.

A comfortable pair of slippers is just what you need to relax at home after a long day. But in recent years it has become increasingly difficult to find American-made slippers and moccasins. A quick Google search might not give you the most accurate results. Don’t waste your time browsing through a thousand search results to find US-made slippers — we’ve put together a list of our six favorite brands below.

1. Pierrepont Hicks

Since starting out as a humble haberdashery in 2009, this Minneapolis-based company has only sold American-made products. They don’t want you to forget that their products are handmade and produced in the United States, so they plaster this message at the top of every page on their website, and in each product’s description. Pierrepont Hicks boasts a wide variety of great slippers and moccasins, all made using durable yet comfortable deerskin. Many of their products are also lined with comfortable sheepskin to keep your feet warm in the frigid winter months.

2. Footskins

Finding the right pair of slippers can be tough, but you shouldn’t get cold feet when it comes to Footskins. The brand’s leather moccasins or sheepskin slippers are standout options. Footskins 100% US-made shoes are cozy and affordable, and they come in a wide variety of designs for men, women, and children. The company uses high-quality deerskin and cowhide to construct its products. Everything gets made at their shop in Spring Grove, Minnesota. Footskins also takes custom orders, pleasing even the most discerning footwear connoisseurs.

3. Sundance Leather

Sundance Sheepskin and Leather offer 100% US-made leather-soled shoes and slippers. The company doesn’t hide that it imports some materials they can’t get in America. These include their crepe rubber-soled and outdoor rubber-soled offerings. Otherwise, this Colorado-based company sources premium sheepskin from reputable ranchers throughout the southwest.

The company’s environmentally-conscious owners use natural rubber-based glue and UPS carbon neutral shipping. This differs from many other companies in the leather industry that have high levels of pollution.

4. Wassookeag Moccasins

Produced in the small, quiet town of Dexter, Maine, Wassookeag Moccasins’ footwear ranks among the best in the country. All of Wassookeag Moccasins’ products are hand-sewn and made in the United States. Their products primarily use buffalo or bullhide leather and feature thick, durable soles that can take a ton of punishment. Some of their offerings include sheepskin lining to keep your feet nice and toasty. Others are lined with deerskin for its lightweight, breathable qualities.

The company’s shoes are made to order, so you should place your order at least three weeks in advance if you need them in time for a holiday or birthday. They also maintain a blog covering moccasin maintenance. It discusses interesting footwear-related content and helps prospective buyers find the right slippers. While Wassookeag Moccasins makes all footwear in Maine, they have a small inventory location in Fort Lauderdale. Don’t be alarmed if you see Florida on your shipping label!

5. The Leather Works

Any time you see the American flag label on The Leather Works’ products, rest assured they’re 100% made in the United States. A small percentage of their other offerings contain imported materials. The Idaho-based company uses sheepskin in its slippers, making them ideal for colder weather. The Leather Works also offers rubber traction soles, soft suede soles, and composite rubber soles.

Most of the company’s shoes feature replaceable insoles, so you can always keep your slippers fresh and get more use out of them. Well-crafted, durable, and made in the United States, The Leather Works’ products remain affordable. You’ll also find American-made bags, purses, hats, boots, and wallets. A visit to The Leather Works lets you stock up on a variety of products while supporting the nation’s economy.

6. WindWalkers

WindWalkers has been making handcrafted slippers from American materials at their shop in Eugene, Oregon, since 1977. Over that time the company’s slippers have developed a reputation for extreme comfort and high quality. WindWalkers offers sheepskin slippers with both rubber and leather soles. You can also contact them for different pricing options if you need orthotic shoes or want a custom style or fit.

Flag This: What to Consider Before Making a Purchase

The American manufacturing sector changes constantly. A company that makes its slippers in the United States today may outsource every aspect of its production tomorrow. It’s best to always check a company’s website for information about where their shoes are made before finalizing your order. Of course footwear isn’t the only American-made product on the market. If you care about supporting companies across the United States, then visit The Flag today to learn more about a wide array of premium American goods.