Office Desk Made In USA Review: UMBUZӦ

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Office Desk Made In USA Review: UMBUZӦ

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In theory, buying a new office desk may seem like a simple task. However, choosing the right one can often feel overwhelming. Let’s face it — a desk holds a lot of weight — and not just physically. It can serve as a mere accent or completely alter the aesthetic of a room. When it comes to buying furniture, endless options can frustrate shoppers. Luckily, at The Flag, we work hard to find the best American Made goods and services, including the best desk for your needs. 

Office Desk Made In USA Considerations

We made careful considerations before choosing to endorse the UMBUZӦ office desk. Above all else, the manufacturer must be located within the US. After passing this initial “test,” the desk we chose met the following criteria:

Aesthetic: Before endorsing a product, we need to ensure it will look good in your home. We carefully scanned the market and chose a desk that makes sense from a size and aesthetic perspective. While we of course cannot peek inside your house to know your precise style, we looked for a product with neutral yet tasteful characteristics. 

Quality: Since desks are expensive, we wanted to select a product that will last in your home for an extended period of time. Thereby, we looked for a desk made with high-end materials and careful attention paid to technical specs.

Feasibility: Have you ever ordered furniture that required a team of rocket scientists to install in your house? There’s nothing worse than finding a perfectly priced desk only to discover it requires a handyman to come in and put it together. Let’s not complicate the process anymore. We chose a desk that is practical in both use and set-up. 

Price: Sure, aesthetic and quality are important, but price is the determining factor for most buyers. We found that the standard range of desks falls between $300-$1000. Anything under this amount was generally poor quality and anything above deemed too pricey for the task at hand. 

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Flag These Office Desk Made In USA Features

After considering a range of available models, we found an item that matched our criteria to a tee. The UMBUZӦ Office Desk Made In USA meets and exceeds our expectations.

Not only made in the USA, this item is handmade as well. In fact, the UMBUZӦ office desk is built specifically for each buyer, so custom designs may vary slightly from those pictured on the website. Below, we detail characteristics that informed our decision to highlight this model as the ideal office desk made in USA.

Aesthetic: Versatility is one of the best features of this desk. Whether used as a working space or kitchen table, it will blend into the style of any room. While the wood is smooth and shiny, table edges include unique curves that make it stand apart from other models. The desk surface offers a contrast from sleek black legs, making a subtle yet distinct statement in any room. Ultimately, this desk is a twist of modern and antique design and can complement any home style. 

Quality: As mentioned previously, this desk is handmade. While carefully constructed, the product is not fragile boasting solid, 1.75-inch thick reclaimed wood that can hold up to 400 pounds. Its larger-than-average size of 48″ L x 23″ W x 30″ H is particularly spacious. This sturdy desk is also made with machine-forged steel legs and rubber feet floor gliders to ensure sturdiness and mobility. Perhaps most importantly, all UMBUZÖ desks come with a lifetime replacement guarantee. 

Price Tag

This desk is reasonably priced at around $600 — rising just above the lower threshold mentioned previously. Considering its high-quality materials, low-effort installation, and unmatched design, this product is truly a bargain and will last for years to come — quite literally, given the lifetime warranty.  

This desk is conveniently built so that any inexperienced builder can easily assemble it in his or her home. In fact, the only step required is to attach the legs to the wood table top with the provided self-tapping screws. The manufacturer pre-drills pilot holes for suggested leg placement for most leg types. Though not required, they recommend a power tool for secure attachment. 

Modern Wood Desk, Computer Desk, Office Desk

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