Leather Purses Made in the USA: The Flag’s Top Five

James Flippin Contributor
Leather Purses Made in the USA: The Flag’s Top Five

Leather Purses made in the USA can be hard to come by nowadays. Don’t worry, we’ve flagged five companies you may wish to support.

So, you’ve fallen in love with a brand new leather purse. Do you know where it was made?

While you may assume designer purses from high-end fashion brands are made in Italy or France, this is often the result of clever marketing. Many fashion brands manufacture purses in China, including Givenchy, Burberry, and Prada. Other high-end brands outsource their production to lower-cost markets typically associated with diminished worker welfare, such as Romania, Turkey, and India.

In fact, not a single leading designer or mass-produced brand manufactures their leather purses in the USA. This means your purchase of designer or mass-produced leather purses isn’t supporting the American workforce or economy. We’ve identified a group of amazing USA companies that produce high-quality leather purses right here at home. It can be confusing trying to figure out where to begin while searching for American-made leather purses, so we’ve put together five of our favorite companies selling leather purses made in the USA. Let’s dive in!

Beargrass Leather 

Beargrass Leather produces handcrafted leather pieces, including purses, with every item lovingly hand-made in a small town overlooking Flathead Lake in Montana.

Formed by Air Force veteran Samantha and her husband Ben, Beargrass Leather started as a part-time project, with all the original items being made after the couple’s children had gone to bed. The feedback from customers led the couple to realize that Sam’s amazing designs went beyond a simple hobby, and they made it their full-time business, all while continuing to ensure their products maintained the amazing quality they’d become known for.

The company offers a wide range of different purse styles. The classic Rosie is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your everyday routine, while the adorable Daisy is a more quirky purse that includes incredibly detailed stitching.

Beargrass leather has a great appreciation for fantastic leather and a talent for design. What’s more, every product is hand-stitched, giving it superior durability and exceptional character.


BeautifulBagsEtc is another outstanding supplier of leather purses made in the USA. BeautifulBagsEtc handcrafts purses in a range of fabrics, including US-sourced leather. All of the company’s amazingly creative work is done in their residential workshop in Aurora, Illinois. Lovingly made by hand, each item has a unique look, and their purses often combine leather with woven fabric. BeautifulBagsEtc is solely focused on creating unique and quality purses for women who have eclectic and discerning tastes, all while valuing the quality of American-made products.

The USA-based founder of BeautifulBagsEtc first started sewing while sitting next to her Grandmother as she skillfully created items on her treadle-powered sewing machine. BeautifulBagsEtc’s owner eventually started her own re-upholstering business, which she successfully operated for years. The handbag company was then founded to expand on the owner’s part-time hobby of making leather purses for family and friends, launching a similarly successful unique artisan USA business.

Holtz Leather Co

Holtz Leather Co manufactures purses and other expertly-made leather products. Holtz Leather Co is a true family business, with many generations of the Holtz family involved in creating their high-quality, USA-made products.

Holtz Leather Co is an uniquely American story involving triumph over adversity and maintaining one’s faith. The company was started in 2014 as a last-ditch attempt by the family to stay afloat, as at that point they had six kids, two donkeys, one horse, and no housing. After some initial success in selling embroidered goods on Etsy, the family decided to learn how to create leather goods, starting out in their basement. These leather products experienced near-instant success, and two short years later the family found themselves purchasing their own production facility in Huntsville, Alabama. Just eight years after that point, the Holtz Leather Company now boasts an impressive range of leather purses and other leather products, as well as their own candles and wood-based products.

The Holtz family makes all their goods from the best quality American full-grain cowhides, meaning your USA-made leather purse is guaranteed to be full of unique character. Holtz Leather Co will even use their 19th-century vintage letterpress to brand their leather purses with your name, initials, or brand, making them truly personalized items that you’ll be sure to cherish for years. 

Kámen Road

Kámen Road produces amazing American-made leather purses from sustainably sourced leather. Kámen Road embraces ‘slow fashion,’ using manufacturing practices that support and value its USA-based workers. The company’s high-quality leather purses are designed to be long-lasting, in rejection of the disposable ‘fast-fashion’ that has developed in America.

Kathleen Murphy, the fantastic creator behind Kámen Road, designs her leather purses with the ‘one bag travel’ mentality. The idea being that Kámen Road’s classy purses are versatile and designed to comfortably fit everything you’ll need for a weekend getaway.

Blair Ritchey

Blair Ritchey’s leather purses are all made by hand by Blair in her Cleveland, Ohio studio.  

Blair has a clear passion for American-made leather products, and she works tirelessly to ensure each leather purse is lovingly made and as close to perfect as possible. Blair Richey aims for their purses to provide a deeply personal experience, with practical designs that also beautifully compliment any outfit.

Blair Ritchey offers USA-made leather purses in a variety of styles, from the timeless tote to a classy envelope style. She’s bound to have a fantastic American leather purse that fits your style. 

In the Bag with the Flag

We hope this guide will assist you in finding a great American-made leather purse. These are suppliers you may absolutely fall in love with, and they all feature the quality associated with USA-made products. If you have questions or would like to be featured in this buying guide or others, please don’t hesitate to reach out.