Dinnerware Made in the USA: The Dinner Dozen

James Flippin Contributor
Dinnerware Made in the USA: The Dinner Dozen

Dinnerware made in the USA can be hard to come by, but we have you covered. Here are 12 companies that still make dinnerware in America.

Eating and socializing are two of the most basic aspects of human life. Whether during a special occasion or everyday family meal, dinnerware is at the center. More than just functional, platters and dinnerware can be an expression of your personal style or a representation of your heritage. Are you a paper plate type of person or do you have a multi-piece dinnerware set? Of course, it often depends on the occasion.

The First Dinnerware

The very first “dinnerware” was likely nothing more than a large leaf or seashell. Over the centuries, man-made dinnerware developed from simple, carved serving bowls to the eventual use of clay while forming dinner plates, dishes, and cups. Over time, dinner sets came to be seen as a status symbol. The majority of the dinnerware used throughout early American history was imported from Europe, but that changed over time as enterprise grew in the British colonies, and later during the early days of the US.

American Dinnerware in the Early 1900s

Some of the most beautiful and distinctive pottery ever made in the USA dates back to the early 20th century and California, where Redlands Pottery was made. After arriving in Redlands, California in 1895, former Tiffany’s designer Wesley Trippett turned his hand to pottery. Working with a self-built potter’s wheel, Trippett used local clays and adorned his work with designs of animals and plants indigenous to the Californian coast. He finished his pieces with a bisque finish to bring out the clay’s natural red color.

Trippett opened Redlands Pottery in 1904, and for the next five years he produced a range of pottery in his distinctive style that essentially defined USA dinnerware. Of the few Redlands Pottery pieces that survive, many are housed in museum collections. The striking glazes and naturalistic designs of Redlands Pottery continue to inspire many contemporary American ceramicists.

American Dinnerware Today

We’ve gathered up some of the best dinnerware made in the USA and taken a close look at the various companies behind those products. Listed below in alphabetical order, each section delves into the craftsmanship and attention to detail these companies display while producing beautiful dinnerware.

Anchor Hocking

For over 100 years, Anchor Hocking has been making its products in Lancaster, Ohio, where it fired up the first glass plant in 1905. Makers of durable glassware, their products are all dishwasher, oven, and freezer safe. Anchor Hocking touts its glass cookware as well, noting its durable and doesn’t warp or stain over time. If you’re looking for high quality bone china Anchor Hocking isn’t the destination, but they do offer several beautiful selections for food and pantry storage, serveware, and drinkware. Its products are still poured, cut, cleaned, and perfected at the original factory in Ohio.

Bauer Pottery

Beginning in 1910, this Los Angeles-based company has its roots in hand-painted redware flowerpots, saucers, and seed pans. The original company closed in 1962, but the current owner purchased the trademark rights and revived Bauer Pottery 36-years later. Today, its products are still made in LA, and the company offers a range of tableware including salad plates, cereal bowls, soup bowls, gardenware, and homeware. The company’s brightly-colored dinnerware is its claim to fame and comes in 18 signature shades.

Bennington Potters

Founded in 1948 with the intention of bringing beautiful, well-made ceramics to the American public, Bennington Potters handcraft each piece in their Vermont studio. Their classic and newline dinnerware collections come in a stunning variety of colors and glazes that you can mix and match to create a one-of-a-kind set. Despite stores recently closing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bennington Potters are still producing artisan-crafted American pottery for purchase online.

Corelle Brands

Corelle’s products are made in Corning, New York, using a proprietary three-layered process of fusing glass. The results are stackable dinnerware sets that are light yet durable, with the benefit of being chip resistant, non-porous and ultra-hygienic. Customers looking for dinnerware and cookware that’s suitable for everyday use will appreciate Corelle’s products. Its Vitrelle Line is made of up to 80% recycled glass and is backed by a “No Chip, No Crack Guarantee.” In the interest of full disclosure, some of Corelle’s products are manufactured in China. Still, the company maintains that a good portion of its plates and bowls are made here in the USA.

Farmhouse Pottery

Vermont-based Farmhouse Pottery has been run by husband-and-wife James and Zoe Zilian since 2008. Eight talented potters craft each Farmhouse Pottery item from a custom blend of American clays, producing stoneware and earthenware that’s inspired by Vermont’s forests. The company’s Trunk Vases are an example of its signature designs and milky-white glaze. Farmhouse Pottery dinnerware sets are in the same minimalist style and are oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe.

Fiesta Tableware Company / US Dinnerware Direct

The origins of the Fiesta Tableware Company date back to 1871 on the banks of the Ohio River. The company started out making whiteware ceramics offering consumers an American-made alternative to what was being imported from England at the time. In 1936, Fiesta dinnerware sprung out of factories and injected color into the era of the Great Depression. Today, the Fiesta Tableware Company makes dinnerware for the home and pledges to continue producing high-quality products. They can be found on the shelves of retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond, as well as leading ecommerce sites such as Amazon.

HF Coors

HF Coors is a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business in Tucson, Arizona. Originally founded in California in 1925, HF Coors manufactures dinnerware sets for wholesale and retail customers. All of its products are both lead-free as well as cadmium-free. From matte pastel pieces to bright glossy patterns, HF Coors boasts tableware to suit all tastes. It has a wide variety of products that are non-porous to encourage long-term use, including lead-free ceramics and melamine dishes. The company is committed to helping its local community and 100% of its products are manufactured at its Tucson factory.

Liberty Tabletop

Liberty Tabletop proudly makes all its products in their Sherrill, New York factory. They are a socially conscientious company that believes in growing both the local and national economies. Their ceramic sets are heavily influenced by the colors of the North American landscape. Liberty Tabletop is the only flatware manufacturer in the USA, so pairing your dinnerware with their stainless steel flatware is a seamless way to continue supporting American manufacturing. They also have dessert plates in case you have room for one more serving after the main meal.

Ohio Stoneware

Ohio Stoneware is a family-owned business that opened in Zanesville, Ohio in 2005. Although they don’t sell dinnerware sets, their American-made stoneware is too beautiful not to include. Each piece is fired in a kiln cycle for 18 hours meaning you can put them in the dishwasher with confidence, and they’re microwave-safe. Your four-legged family members can also enjoy eating and drinking from American-made bowls with Ohio Stoneware’s line of pet bowls. By the way, Ohio Stoneware has a five-year warranty.


A household name when it comes to high-quality china dinnerware that’s American-made, Pickard began in 1893 in Edgerton, Wisconsin. Now based out of Antioch, Illinois, the company is run by the 4th generation of the Pickard family. Numerous prestigious clientele such as Air Force One, US embassies, top hotels, and the Queen of England have chosen Pickard dinnerware for its elegant shapes and delicate aesthetic.

Rowe Pottery

Since 1975, each Rowe Pottery piece is handcrafted, painted, and fired by skilled artisans in their Cambridge, Wisconsin studio. Its products are microwave, dishwasher, and oven-safe, meaning they can stand the intense heat of a broiler. Dinnerware options are included in all their collections. Available in drift white and denim blue, the Ridges collection looks incredible in a contemporary or traditional setting. Their Northwoods collection is a beautiful way to capture the essence of the outdoors, thanks to its nature-inspired hues and patterns.

Simon Pearce

Functional, sophisticated design built to last a lifetime is at the center of each piece of Simon Pearce pottery. Each piece is hand-thrown in their Vermont studio. Simon Pearce’s products are lead and cadmium-free. Its stylishly asymmetrical Barre collection comes in alabaster white and slate black. Either color will add a touch of class to everyday dining and make a statement when hosting dinner parties.

From The Flag

As manufacturing of all kinds moves overseas at an increasing rate, it’s clearly still possible to find dinnerware that’s made in America, with which you and your family can enjoy countless meals. Whether it’s using glass, clay, fine bone china, or stoneware dinnerware, we toast our readers as you break bread with friends and family, and thank you for buying American.