Chaise Lounge Made in USA: Suncoast Furniture

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Chaise Lounge Made in USA:  Suncoast Furniture

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With summer here, it’s time to lay outside and soak up the sun. There’s no better way to celebrate the warmest season of the year than with a chaise lounge made in the USA. Lucky for you, at The Flag, we put in the work to find the best American Made goods and services, so all you have to do is sit back and relax. 

Chaise Lounge Made in USA: Considerations

Credit: Suncoast Furniture

We made careful considerations before endorsing the Suncoast Furniture American Made Chaise Lounge. Above all else, the manufacturer must be located in the United States. After passing this initial “test,” the chaise lounge we chose met the following criteria:

Comfort: Since relaxation is the main purpose of this product, comfort was our top priority in choosing the right chair. While some people enjoy firm seating, others enjoy plush cushions. So, we searched for a brand that offers a variety of options to suit all consumer needs.

Quality: Comfort goes hand in hand with quality. Our intention is to recommend a chaise lounge you can use as much as you want for years to come. Therefore, quality is one of our main concerns. We searched for a company with trade expertise and lounge chairs built with high-end materials. 

Aesthetic: Ideally, we hope consumers use their lounge chairs as much as possible, which means keeping it in a convenient location at all times. After enduring the pandemic, we all deserve to put our feet up. Therefore, we searched for a company that offers an assortment of designs and models to ensure you can choose the best match for your space. 

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Chaise Lounge Made in USA: Features

Credit: Suncoast Furniture

After considering a wide range of brands, we discovered a company that checks off most boxes: Suncoast Furniture. Here’s what we found.

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Comfort: Variety is one of the primary reasons we chose Suncoast Furniture. This brand carries nearly 50 models. Whether you prefer a strap, cushion, or sling style, Suncoast Furniture has multiple options to suit your personal preferences. Plus, comfort is a key part of each design. Every model is specifically built with a gentle curve in each chair back for shoulder support. Additionally, the cushions are constructed with thermal bonded polyester fiber to ensure durability and support. 

Quality: The number of chaise lounge options and models that Suncoast Furniture offers highlights the company’s commitment to the space. To that end, Suncoast Furniture uses the highest quality material during every stage of the construction process — including the greatest number of straps in the industry. This provides unmatched comfort and durability. Suncoast Furniture utilizes 100% virgin vinyl straps with ultraviolet stabilizers and mildew inhibitors to guarantee lasting colors and fabrics. The lounges also include aluminum frames. Straps are permanently held in place by nylon rivets and double wraps at each end to prevent wear and tear. Additionally, slings are double sewn in place to make sure they hold up over the years. 

Aesthetic: The best part about Suncoast Furniture Chaise Lounges is they’re customizable. In addition to providing a wide range of models, Suncoast also offers a diverse number of colors and fabrics so customers can purchase lounges that match their furniture and accentuate their home décor. 

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Flag Polls: Review and Public Opinion

In short, there is positive feedback about Suncoast Furniture’s quality, service, and products. Even though Suncoast Furniture checked off all our boxes, we wanted to triple-check that it was the real deal. If you need an extra push to make a purchase, check out some rave reviews from customers who have purchased Suncoast Chaise Lounges. 

“We ordered an entire complement of pool furniture for a medium-sized condo complex with a large pool – chaise lounges, chairs, tables, umbrellas. The quality of the products is excellent and the service was outstanding. Everything is attractive and comfortable.”

“Eileen at Suncoast helped us through the process of choosing new chair fabric and installing the sling ourselves – which saved a lot of money! The delivery was flawless.” 

“What a great experience working with Suncoast. We met with Jessica and she spent many hours working with us over the course of several weeks to answer questions, give details, measurements, and assist in selecting furniture & fabrics for our large community project. We couldn’t have done it without her assistance. She was very friendly and professional throughout the entire process. Everyone that we worked with at Suncoast was friendly, professional, and put the customer first.”

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