American Made Watches Review: Weiss Watch Company

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American Made Watches Review: Weiss Watch Company

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The American spirit of craftsmanship is alive and well in this country. Specifically, American Made watches are a timeless part of our country’s past. Some of you may still sport the same Timex watch you got in high school. We get it, you have to start somewhere. If that’s the case, however, it’s time to step up your game and invest in a quality timepiece, specifically one made right here in the US of A. Not only will you look better, but you’ll feel better knowing that you helped support American manufacturing on a wrist-size level.

If you’re already familiar with our buying guides, you know we pride ourselves on bringing our readers the best American-made products. Today, we’re going to share one of our top pics for the best American Made watch: the Limited Edition Weiss 42mm Titanium American Issue Field Watch.

American Made Watches Considerations

So, you’re sick of your plastic G-Shock or digital-style watch. We understand. There comes a point in everyone’s life when they start to care more about a combination of function and looks. Not only should your watch tell time, but it should also look good while doing so. 

Known for their keen attention to detail and durability, American Made watches are an excellent option for anyone in need of a new timepiece. In an over-saturated market like watches, how do you know which one is best? There are some crucial elements to consider. Is the watch stylish? Which materials were used to make it? Does it offer useful features? Is it durable? What’s the warranty like? There are all kinds of questions you need to ask before making a purchase. Thankfully, we have the answers.

Flag These American Made Watches Features 

In 2013, Cameron Weiss launched the Weiss Watch Company with his wife, Whitney. Over the years, they’ve built a true, all-American craftsman-based business. Weiss Watch Company touts premier customer satisfaction and quality: meaning you can rest assured that each product feature is deliberate and meets the highest standards. 

The company’s American Issue Field Watch is unique and stylish, for example. The neutral aluminum finish and dark-blue backed dial pair well with any outfit, and the sleek, neutral colors complement the watch’s versatility. 

Now, let’s review materials and features. 

The watchband is a tan leather strap manufactured by the Horween Leather Company, an American business focused on producing quality leather goods. The dial is naval brass, painted with Super-Luminova numbers. This allows wearers to always know what time it is — day or night. 

The Field Watch’s movement is 7075 aluminum, resilient material also used to construct the body of an aircraft. Watch hands made of polished silver amplify Weiss’s dedication to quality, and the case is G5 titanium — so it’s safe to say this watch is durable as well. Finally, a featured crystal is beveled sapphire, second only to the diamond on the Mohs hardness scale. Therefore, it won’t scratch like other watch crystals.

One of the most notable features of this watch is the fact that it’s water-resistant up to 330 feet — or 100 meters. 

American Made Watches Pricing

Given the features described above, you know you’re getting a handcrafted, custom product when you buy a Weiss watch. Furthermore, handmade products provide a certain standard you don’t enjoy from factory-made goods. With Weiss, an American master watchmaker worked for hours on your watch to bring you the best timepiece you can buy. 

The American Issue Field Watch comes in at a cool $2,800. This is one of our top pics because of the combination of materials and features mentioned above, but some options that start as low as $1,450 are excellent choices as well. 

FAQs To Flag

Is the watch heavy? 

No, not at all! You won’t find any heftiness here. Specifically, the American Issue Field Watch is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, G5 titanium, and it only weighs 56 grams.

What is G5 titanium?

Also known as Grade 5 titanium, this material is used to build the frames of aerospace aircraft. 

What is the warranty?

A two-year product warranty covers timepiece materials and manufacturing defects.

Are a limited quantity available? 

Yes! In fact, there are only 100 American Issue Field watches available. So, go grab yours before it’s too late! 

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