American Made Tires Review: Mickey Thompson

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American Made Tires Review: Mickey Thompson

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Buying new tires may seem like a low-risk purchase. After all, as long as they help get you from place to place, what else matters? Well, when you buy Mickey Thompson American Made tires, you may in fact start paying attention to the wheels beneath your car or truck. These mud terrain tires are more than just parts that help keep your car running. Rather, they will improve every aspect of your driving experience. With these tires, you’ll enjoy road trips without limits to where you can go and how you can drive. They can handle any road condition and make you feel safe no matter the terrain. Above all else, when you buy tires from Mickey Thompson, you’ll support an American-owned business. Here at The Flag, we search for the best American Made goods and services, so all you have to do is read on. 

American Made Tires: Considerations

Have you ever enjoyed cruising along on the highway, worry free, before hitting the brakes due to the abrupt and frustrating interruption of a flat tire? Plain and simple, flat tires are a huge hassle. When we looked for the best American Made tires, we searched for a product that will help prevent stops that leave you awaiting roadside help for hours on end. Therefore, we prioritized quality and reliability as primary factors in our decision.

Flag These Features: American Made Tires

After browsing a wide range of models, we stumbled upon Mickey Thompson, a brand whose tires are all made right here in the USA. The company not only manufactures all products in America, but they offer some of the most high-quality and reliable tire models on the market. That’s why in today’s buying guide, we’re endorsing the Mickey Thompson Baja MTZP3 Mud Terrain Radial Tire. Here are a few of the details that stood out to us.

High Quality: Since these tires are American Made, they are built with extra care and attention. Each Baja MTZP3 Mud Terrain Radial Tire weighs around 67 pounds and is ‎35″ x 35″ x 13″, resulting in a perfect fit for any medium-sized vehicle. Beyond this, they boast a unique silica-reinforced tread compound for longer wear, water resistance, and cut and chip protection. These American Made tires also include shoulder scallops that help add stability and traction in muddy areas. In fact, the newest model has improved cut and chip protection, with extra durability against wear and tear.

Reliability: As mentioned, our goal is to help you find tires that don’t disappoint on the road. Luckily, Mickey Thompson American Made tires offer extreme reliability. A four-pitch side biter pattern breaks up terrain, so you can drive smoothly without bouncing around or losing control while steering. Beyond this, the brand enforces tire sidewalls with 3-ply Power Ply technology and decoupling grooves, allowing you to drive through irregular surfaces, stress-free. These additions also reduce heat buildup in high-flex zones so you don’t have to worry about your tires overheating or burning.

American Made Tires: Price Tag

Beyond meeting our quality and reliability criteria, these tires also reflect a reasonable price tag of $232.99. For context, most medium-wheeled tires are priced between $150-250, depending on the season and intended terrain. As such, these tires are worth the investment and will help keep your car going for years. Plus, when you purchase Mickey Thompson tires, you’ll help the economy by supporting locally manufactured products. While these tires don’t include a warranty upon purchase, you can request one by clicking here.

Flag These Frequently Asked Questions

How loud are these compared to grapplers?

Although they make some noise, they are quieter than similar models.

How many miles can these tires handle?

Most people can put mid-to-high 30s on these tires. However, it depends on the vehicle, type of roads you drive, and how you maintain their care.

Where can you ship the tires?

Shipping is available anywhere in the lower 48 states.

Will these tires fit a 15″ rim size?

Yes, these tires will fit a 15″ wheel with a 7.5-11.5″ width.

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