American Made Tennis Shoes Review: SOM Footwear

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American Made Tennis Shoes Review: SOM Footwear

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American-Made Tennis Shoes Introduction

Here at The Flag we absolutely love highlighting American-made products ranging from pellet grills to work boots. That’s why we’re incredibly happy we found these American-made tennis shoes. SOM Footwear caught our eye because its products are made in Colorado, USA. Colorado is famous for its beautiful mountain ranges and pristine forests. In order to hike and enjoy the countryside, it’s imperative to have great shoes. Founder Olivier Marchal was inspired to start the brand after reading “Born to Run,” by Christopher McDowell. He became intrigued at the idea of wearing minimalist footwear, and SOM Footwear was born. SOM Footwear went through many trial and error stages. A metal worker by trade, Olivier understood the conundrum that many artisans were facing in the lackluster economy. With a wish to give back to the community and provide great shoes, SOM has a commitment to excellence that is truly remarkable.

Another interesting fact about the company is that its factory is located in Montrose, CO, and it’s open to the public every Thursday from 9 am -5 pm or by appointment. In order to uncover whether or not these tennis shoes are primed to support you on your excursions, let’s review some considerations.

American-Made Tennis Shoes Considerations

When you embark on physical activity, it makes sense to have tennis shoes that are lightweight and flexible. SOMs are different from other shoes on the market because they are barefoot-inspired sneakers. These are specially designed to allow your foot to function naturally. With a flexible sole and slipper-like comfort, SOMs deliver great comfort.

Whether you are at the gym, or on a walk, you want to feel like you’re getting the best out of your tennis shoes. This boils down to really looking at what your shoes are made of. For the purposes of this article, we’re going to focus on the Nutrail – Hayloft Blue (Ltd Ed). What really caught our eye is the shoe’s electric blue color. This tennis shoe is composed of 100% cotton and is produced in the United States. Moreover, the fabric is made with environmentally friendly ink.

Sometimes it can feel like your tennis shoes are too tight and rigid. This is not the case with SOMs. The creator of SOMs, Olivier Marchal, made shoes that would naturally mimic the foot’s flexibility of motion. If you’re interested in a tennis shoe that will give you tremendous flexibility, SOMs is the brand to beat.

Navy Blue Classic Shoes - SOM Footwear – SOM Sense Of Motion Footwear

Flag These Features

The Nutrail Hayloft Blue has a number of exciting features that are geared towards the adventurous hiker. These include a custom outsole that naturally sheds mud and debris. This also helps secure traction on the trail.

Do you like for your shoes to breathe? Check out the breathable light mesh lining on these shoes. When you’re cool and dry, you’re more likely to enjoy your exercise routine. No one likes hiking in damp boots. That’s enough to ruin a casual trek, let alone one that can last for an entire day.

Wide feet need wide toe boxes. This model features a wide toe box that will allow your toes to lay in their natural flat position. The goal here is to ensure that you have improved balance and better posture when you are walking.

The insole of the Nutrail is made of a blend of EVA and synthetic rubber. This hybrid blend of materials wicks moisture and is removable if you want to use an orthotic.

All of SOM’s shoes are made in Colorado. This feature is especially enticing if you, like many Americans, are looking to support local businesses.

SOM Footwear: Comfortable, Barefoot Inspired Shoes Made in the USA – SOM  Sense Of Motion Footwear

Price Tags

Price is always a vital consideration. For the Nutrail – Hayloft Blue (Ltd Ed.), you can expect to pay $159.00. On the plus side, SOM offers a unique deal on shipping. SOM Shipping Prime covers shipping one pair of SOMs, one return, or exchange both ways. It will also cover the shipping of your next pair if it has been purchased less than one year later.

Breathable, flexible shoes are a must for runners and hikers alike. When you choose this tennis shoe, you’ll be receiving a one-of-a-kind product.

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