American Made T Shirts Review: Buck Mason

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American Made T Shirts Review: Buck Mason

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American Made T Shirts Introduction

No matter what part of the country you’re in, you’ll find lots of people in blue jeans and classic American Made T shirts. This style is casual but can look great with the right tee. You can get a T shirt almost anywhere, but not all are the same. What goes into a good product? A few key considerations include the fabric’s feel, color, fit, and where the shirt is manufactured. At The Flag, we always support companies like Buck Mason, which makes a selection of their shirts in America.

Buck Mason‘s T shirts come in a wide variety of styles, but the highest level of quality spans all types. A pair of Venice, California neighbors, Sasha Koehn and Erik Allen, started the company with a commitment to creating good clothing, which was especially important to these two entrepreneurs: so important that it took them three years to perfect their method. Let’s dive in and explore important features to keep in mind when it comes to premium American Made T shirts and those made by Buck Mason, specifically.

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American Made T Shirts Considerations

When you wear a T shirt, one of the main goals is comfort. You want a shirt that is soft to the touch and fits great. Buck Mason makes their shirts with 100% slub cotton. This type of fabric is slightly textured, yet still very soft. The texture sets these American Made T shirts apart from the material of a generic tee and also means you can wear the product in settings other than more casual places such as the gym.

If you find a T shirt you love, you probably want to stock your drawers with a few different colors. Thankfully, Buck Mason offers a varied palette based on the shirt style you choose. For example, the Slub Curved Hem includes 11 color options. Adding a few of these to your wardrobe will help elevate your go-to casual look. The Brunswick and Faded Blue Venice Wash are two of our favorites here at The Flag, but classic white and black shirts are great essential options.

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Flag These Features

Some shirts can fit too snug, especially around the arms. Thankfully, Buck Mason’s T shirts feature deep-cut armholes, so you’ll never have to worry about comfort. Plus, the company launders all of its shirts twice prior to shipping. This helps break in the material to make it softer while ensuring your shirt won’t shrink after throwing it in the wash.

Buck Mason also offers a solid variety of styles, too. Besides a classic tee, they have henleys and long sleeve options. The henleys look nice enough to wear out for date night or even family pictures on the beach. For colder months, the long sleeve tees are key. They help keep you warm but are also light enough for layering.

Buck Mason carries women’s clothing as well. However, the selection is not as extensive, as Buck Mason primarily considers itself a menswear company. The options are great nonetheless and include two different cropped T shirts that can be styled in a variety of ways: either dressed up with a nice pair of pants or dressed down with leggings or gym shorts.

Price Tag

Buck Mason’s prices are on par with other high-quality T shirts on the market. Their Classic Tee rings in at $35, which is a standard price. For comparison, another American-Made brand, Jungmaven, sells its classic tee for $42. You could certainly find cheaper options out there. However, these shirts make it easy to look put together with minimal effort at a reasonable price. The long-sleeve options are only marginally more expensive, coming in at $40.

As an added benefit, Buck Mason accepts Afterpay. This means you can purchase your American Made T shirt now but pay for it over the course of two months. This is a great option for anyone who may budget for clothes on a monthly basis.

You can buy Buck Mason clothing online or in one of many brand stores located in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Austin, and Atlanta.

Looking for More?

Buck Mason has been worn by the likes of Ryan Gosling and Tom Brady — the latter of whom sported the White Crew Slub Tee for his “Man of the Year” photo shoot. We can’t promise you’ll look like a celebrity if you purchase a Buck Mason tee, but you’ll certainly be on trend.

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