American Made Swimsuits Review: Birdwell

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American Made Swimsuits Review: Birdwell

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American Made Swimsuits Introduction

In a country full of swimming pools, lakes, and rivers, it’s no surprise there’s a huge market for swimsuits here in the good ol’ US of A. After last year’s beach shutdowns due to Covid-19, many of us are ready to hit the water. Make sure you’re dressed for the occasion with our American Made Swimsuits recommendation: Birdwell.

American Made Swimsuits Considerations

Birdwell Men's 310 Nylon Board Shorts, Short Length

When you’re trying to relax oceanside, the last thing you want to worry about is comfort. You need a swimsuit that will keep up with you in the water. You also need a swimsuit that’ll be comfortable once you get out to hang poolside or on the beach. Your swim trunks should be snug enough to stay up without a worry, and made from the right material to dry quickly.

All things considered, The Flag’s recommendation for American Made Swimsuits is Birdwell. With timeless designs and colors, these swimsuits have been surfers favorites since 1961. Their swimtrunks, which come with a catchy name — Birdwell Beach Britches — only have one self-proclaimed gimmick: quality.

Flag These Features

When we hit the waves, the last thing we want to worry about is having a swimsuit malfunction. Birdwell’s swimsuits pass the test, and they have the anecdotes to prove it. Birdwell’s products are so strong that they protected a surfer from being cut by a reef. Yep, the two-ply design of these britches is that strong. While you hopefully won’t encounter anything that warrants that protection, better to be safe than sorry, right?

Think that board shorts are just for guys? Think again. Birdwell also has a great selection for women. While some companies only focus on men’s surfing swimwear and leave women with fewer options, Birdwell doesn’t. Birdwell’s boardshorts for women have a flattering fit, featuring a curved waistband. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style when it comes to Birdwell. We also love these limited-edition Patriot Board Shorts.

Price Tags

When you’re paying for Birdwell, you’re paying for quality. These American Made Swimsuits come in at a fair price, running between $75-125 for most options. On Amazon, you can usually find these suits at the lower end of the scale. There aren’t always as many color options when you go this route, but the quality is as high as the more expensive trunks they offer.

Cheaper swimsuits on the market will usually run you between $40-80. However, these trunks aren’t built to last. The colors will fade, the material may rip, and you’ll be buying a new pair for that same price. Birdwell offers a lifetime guarantee on their products, so you know the product you buy will be built to last.

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