American Made Solar Panels Review: Mission Solar

Ana Altchek Contributor
American Made Solar Panels Review: Mission Solar

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Looking for a way to go green? Changing to solar energy is the perfect way to help the environment and save money in the process. Not only can it help you get rid of your electric bill, it may also help raise your property value.

In this way, going solar doesn’t only help the planet; it can also be viewed as a financial investment. Mission Solar sells some of the best American Made solar panels on the market. When you purchase Mission Solar products, you’ll help the environment and support an American-owned businesses. Plus, you’ll help create more jobs in this growing industry. Here at The Flag, we search for the best American Made goods and services, so read on to learn more.

American Made Solar Panels: A Brief Background

If you’re interested in going solar but unsure about what this means, don’t panic. It’s actually quite simple! These panels contain cells that convert light into electric energy. Electricity is then channeled to power lighting, heating, and cooling systems. We’ll be honest with you: solar energy adoption has been driven more by government policies rather than market forces. Sometimes that’s not the best way to inspire innovation because the incentives are artificial and potentially temporary. This means that reliability in the solar panel space has been a question since its inception. We’re always straight with our reviews. We mention this because that makes finding a reliable producer that much more important. Cheap, foreign-made solar panels sometimes don’t do the trick. That’s why we favor American made products.

American Made Solar Panels: Considerations

Let’s quickly explain why Mission Solar American Made panels rise above other options available on the market. First, we searched for an American Made brand. Our goal is to support American companies and bring money to local businesses. Mission Solar checks this box.

Since many people go solar to help the environment, we looked for a brand that fully supports this cause. As an industry leader, Mission Solar dedicates itself to green business practices. During the production process, they use recycled materials, minimize waste, and get rid of harmful emissions.

We also searched for a product that offers high levels of power alongside quality and durability. The company we chose offers panels that exceed these standards.

Flag These Features: American Made Solar Panels 

High Power: Mission Solar panels are so effective that beyond just homeowners, local and federal government projects also feature their models. The company offers a selection of three panel options for residential, commercial, and utility needs. Specifically, the MSE PERC 60 is a 60-cell panel ideal for both commercial and residential rooftop use. It has advanced technology and a 325 power output. These are available in either black or white to fit customer preferences. Another option, the MSE PERC 72, features PERC and five busbar advanced technology — reflecting the highest power scale for residential, commercial, or utility purposes.

High Quality: When it comes to quality, American Made panels exceed industry requirements. Mission Solar, specifically, pays special attention to every product that leaves the warehouse, with specific control points and in-house testing sites. The company uses state-of-the-art engineering practices and tests products throughout the entire production process. 

Durability: These panels are high-power, high-quality, and proven to last for many years. In fact, if customers experience any issues with the product, they can replace it at no extra cost. Mission Solar offers a 25-year warranty to ensure customers receive the full benefits of their purchase — showing the company’s confidence and reliability. Therefore, although solar panels come with an initial expense, this option guarantees to save you money in the long run.

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