American Made Rubber Boots Review: Grundens

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American Made Rubber Boots Review: Grundens

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American Made Rubber Boots Introduction

Have you ever lost your footing while moving through heavy, fast-flowing water? If you’re a fisherman and/or reside in a coastal town, you know how frustrating this can be if you lack the right boots — and you understand the need for traction and durability better than most. If you are looking for gear specifically designed for recreational fishing, the Grundens DECK-BOSS Boot is a great contender to meet your rubber boot needs.

Grundens believes that fishing is an activity that nourishes both the body and soul, and the company’s uncommon story dates back to over a century ago. As the son of a fisherman, Carl Grunden set out to make water-repellant garments that could withstand torrential rains and slippery docks, specifically making products to keep all men and women warm, dry, and safe. Fast forward to today, Grundens continues to perfect their garments — including American Made rubber boots — with precision.

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American Made Rubber Boots Considerations

If you’re wild about fishing, rubber boots are your number-one best friend to avoid losing your footing while hauling in nets from the water. Furthermore, boots with great traction can mean the difference between catching an award-winning fish or nothing at all. You need boots that are comfortable, durable, and designed for ultimate performance.

If you’re an angler, you need to invest in a pair of rubber boots that will stand the test of time and get the job done right. Thankfully, Grundens specifically designed the DECK-BOSS collection to provide anglers with a premier boot that will keep them comfortable for hours upon hours. Moreover, the boot’s 15″ flexible upper portion folds down, while a silicone band keeps pants clean and legs dry. When you set out for a long day on the water, it’s nice to know that your lower half will remain in tip-top shape, unaffected by the elements around you.

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Flag These Features

Let’s review some of the most important features that add distinction to these boots.

Safe and Dry. The DECK-BOSS boot has a flexible, protective toe cap and an injection molded upper that prevents delamination and cracking. Winds, weather, and water can be tough on your clothes. Thankfully, this boot keeps you safe, secure, and dry.

Approved for Long Fishing Trips. Setting sail on a long fishing trip? First, reel in these boots, which feature razor-cut siping and shock-absorbing capacities. Taken together, you know you’re wearing a boot that can withstand long hours on deck.

Trusted By Fishermen. While pro fishermen have trusted Grundens products for generations, recreational anglers are just now discovering this American Made brand. Made in Washington, Grundens designs these boots locally with the best materials sourced from around the globe.

Great for Wide Feet. According to one Amazon reviewer, these boots are perfect for wide feet. Additionally, they fit to size and can be worn with a pair of regular crew socks.

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Price Tags

The Grundens DECK BOSS boot currently retails for around $139 — a reasonable price for a trusted, long-term investment in your comfort and safety.

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