American Made Pellet Grills Review: Smokin Brothers

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American Made Pellet Grills Review: Smokin Brothers

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Are you looking for a fun way to shake up your cookout game? American made pellet grills are a great option if you enjoy grilling. In this buying guide, we’ll introduce you to a family business based in Southeast Missouri: Smokin Brothers. The family has members spread across every county in the state. Unsurprisingly, cooking and eating great food has always been a family affair, and a great way to bring everyone together. Brothers Ryan and Craig started the business in 2008 after receiving heaps of praise from friends, family, and fellow BBQers.

Smokin Brothers sells barbeque rub, barbeque sauce, unblended natural wood pellets, and American Made pellet grills. As far as pellets go, the brothers specifically wanted to offer pellets with more smoke flavor and better flavor consistency. To satisfy that demand, they launched their own product line.

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American Made Pellet Grills Considerations

When you invest in a pellet grill (commonly known as a “smoker”), it’s essential to use high-quality pellets. The Smokin Brothers line features pellets made from pure wood, and you’ll find no blends. The family came together to design a line of grills, and their goal was to uphold the high standards of their rigorous cooking traditions. When used with superior pellets, the grills perform very well at competitions and cookouts.

You’re looking for a smooth flavor when you prepare vegetables, meat, or any other item on the grill. To that end, you want your equipment to cook your food evenly. Smokin Brothers’ pellet grills have these features, and they also include stainless steel accents and grid hangers. This allows barbeque enthusiasts to keep their prized grilling accessories close and organized.

Flag These American Made Pellet Grills Features

The Premier Plus grill has an exciting range of features, ones that will thrill barbeque enthusiasts of all backgrounds. Specific advantages include:

Pellet dump. With an easy-to-access pellet dump, you can simply remove and swap out your pellets.

Sliding top shelf. Since it’s converted to a slide-out, the top grid provides easy access and removal.

Que-View Wi-Fi-Enabled Controller. You can monitor your grill from nearly anywhere with a Wi-Fi-enabled controller.

More height. This grill rises three inches above other models, so you’ll enjoy a large cooking area for huge cuts of meat on the top and bottom grids.

The Premier Plus comes with one meat probe. However, the large port allows for multiple probes, and they can be inserted without running under the twelve-gauge steel lid.

These user-friendly features make this pellet grill a must for anyone who enjoys good food and outdoor cooking.

Price Tags

So, just how much are Smokin Brothers’ pellet grills? We know price tags matter, and Smokin Brothers know this too. With that in mind, they offer several models at various price points: the Premier Plus 24, 30, 36, and Barn-B-Que.

If you want to make a quick note, the Smokin Brothers 36 Premier Plus Grill comes in at $1,799. Its smaller version, the Smokin Brothers 24-inch Premier Plus Grill, costs only $1,299. Since these grills are American Made, you can be confident you’re investing in a top-quality product. Moreover, you’d be benefiting a homegrown business with your purchase.

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