Our American Made Peanut Butter Pick: American Dream

Kate Giles Contributor
Our American Made Peanut Butter Pick: American Dream

American Dream Nut Butter offers high-protein, low-carb American peanut butters with delicious flavor options and gives back to our troops overseas. This is why it’s a perfect fit for America’s Marketplace.

When it comes to varied types of peanut butters, many people first consider the question: “Crunchy or smooth?” Jif and Skippy dominate the shelves at Walmart and local grocery stores alike, and many folks can’t tell the difference between the two brands in a taste test. However, there’s an American peanut butter brand that certainly stands out from the rest. American Dream Nut Butter is an American peanut butter company that promotes its high-protein, low-carb, and low-sugar nut butters. What truly crowns American Dream Nut Butter the king of the American peanut butter market are creative, unique, and delicious flavor options.

Ever had Frosty Pebbles, Samoas, Reese’s Cups, or chocolate chip cookies mixed into your peanut butter? These are just a few of the many flavors American Dream Nut Butter offers, making the products’ nutritional value even more impressive. An American family with four children runs this small company, so you just know each jar pleases people of all ages!

American Made Peanut Butter Considerations

You might wonder why you’ve never seen American Dream Nut Butter at your local grocer. Well, that’s because the company does not currently have a physical storefront. Therefore, you can only order products online. This is fairly typical for a smaller company just getting started, but their website touts plans for a flagship brick-and-mortar store in Indianapolis. So, while this product may not yet have the convenience of other American peanut butters you can grab at your local store, you’ll soon be placing regular orders online, which is sometimes easier anyway.

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Upon ordering one of these coveted American peanut butter jars, you’ll notice only one size option at checkout. Currently, each jar is 16 ounces, providing 16 two-tablespoon servings. Each nut butter jar is freshly made after an order is placed, meaning it won’t sit on a shelf for months at a time. Due to this small-batch philosophy, the 16-ounce jar is currently the sole size offering.

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While American Dream Nut Butter products are worthy of purchase without extra incentives, it’s great to know the company also gives back. For every order placed, 10% is donated to ship care packages to troops overseas. The company is proudly American, and the support it provides our soldiers is a testament to this. In fact, the company Instagram account often features pictures of US military heroes with a jar of American peanut butter in hand. Customers are welcomed to nominate heroes to receive a care package. In addition, the company also supports veterans’ charities. So, ordering a delicious jar of American peanut butter will make you feel good in more ways than one!

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American Dream Nut Butter encourages customer communication in other ways, as well. The company is extremely receptive to its customers and their needs, responding to nearly every photo comment on Instagram. These aren’t generic “copy and paste” responses, either, but shared by a real person with genuine customer appreciation. This responsiveness encourages new flavor suggestions as well as requests for “retired” flavors to return.

American Made Peanut Butter Pricing

Compared with other brands, American Dream Nut Butter isn’t the cheapest option. A jar of Skippy costs less than $3 for a 16.3 ounce jar at Target, with 48 ounces of the same costing less than $10 at a wholesaler like Sam’s Club. Most American Dream Nut Butters range from $10-15, plus shipping. The company offers free shipping for orders over $75, but otherwise, expect to pay $5-10. This is par for the course when ordering from a small company, and the owners in fact sometimes lose profits by trimming these costs as much as possible.

American Dream Nut Butter prices are similar to those of other organic nut butters on the market. A company that offers similar flavors, Macro Butter, has products that also fall into the $10-15 range. So, for people seeking more nutritious options, American Dream Nut Butter offers products at a fair price. As the business grows, we can anticipate slightly lower costs, too.

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You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Check out the most frequently asked questions to learn more about this peanut butter. 

What if I’m allergic to peanuts?

American Dream Nut Butter also offers cashew and almond butters for those allergic to the company’s American peanut butter.

What makes this company American?

Not only does the Hurley Family in Indiana almost exclusively run this company, but they also source all of their products from within the United States. One of the owners, Lea, hand-selects the nuts from local farms.

How often do they come out with new flavors?

American Dream Nut Butter frequently drops new flavors. Typically, you can expect to see new varieties for every season and holiday. For example, the company released a carrot-cake inspired blend named “Easter Bunny’s Delight.”

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