American Made Leather Belts Review: Main Street Forge

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American Made Leather Belts Review: Main Street Forge

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Who doesn’t love a pair of great-fitting pants? The best way to achieve this in style is with a high-quality belt, an essential accessory for any outfit. America is chock-full of hard workers. So, it makes sense that American Made products have a reputation for durability, quality, and style. If you wear a belt every day, there’s no question it takes a beating. Therefore, you need to find the best there is. In today’s buying guide, we’ll tell you about our top pick for the best American Made leather belts by Main Street Forge. 

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A Little Bit About The Company

In 2014, Bill and Kyle ventured into the e-commerce world. They wanted to create a unique brand that sold quality products. Initially, Main Street Forge peddled goods from China. However, it didn’t take long for them to realize they’d rather sell products made in America. Hailing from Detroit — a fixture in American manufacturing — Bill and Kyle couldn’t follow the conventional e-commerce business model and sell products made overseas. “Made in America” was too important to them and their families. 

They set out to strike a deal with multiple domestic manufacturers but found little success. Bill and Kyle eventually realized what the problem was: the companies they tried to land deals with were far too large and didn’t want to take on the risk of a small business like Main Street Forge. Consequently, the dynamic duo decided to reach out to other small businesses and American artisans to source their products. 

The goal of Main Street Forge is to expand on the growth of American manufacturing, small business, and overall spirit. Ultimately, they aimed to provide consumers with quality American Made goods at a great price and with a lifetime warranty. 

American Made Leather Belt Considerations

When you buy a new leather belt, you want it to last. If you’re shopping for a new product, you need to think about a few different things. First, you must consider durability. Next, you need to ensure it looks good and reflects your overall style. Finally, how much does it cost? In today’s buying guide, we’ll fill you in on everything you need to know about a top Main Street Forge product: the journeyman leather belt. 

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Flag These American Made Leather Belts Features

The journeyman belt is a classic belt that fits any aesthetic and is available in two customary colors: brown and black. Both belt options are adorned with a silver buckle. The contrast of the buckle and leather reflects an authentic look that everyone loves and can seamlessly blend into any wardrobe. Beyond this, the journeyman belt not only keeps your pants up, but you can wear it for either casual or more dressy occasions. It’s sturdy and made from full-grain, heavy-duty leather that ages well and holds its structure. This belt never splits or cracks like most leather belts, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best product on the market. 

FAQs To Flag 

What is the warranty for the journeyman belt? 

All Main Street Forge products come with a lifetime warranty. The company guarantees this belt will stand the test of time or your money back. That value’s hard to beat. 

How big is this belt? 

The belt ranges in size from 32″ to 52″. It’s an inch and a half wide. 

Where are Main Street Forge products sold? 

Main Street Forge is a fully-online e-commerce business, so company products are not sold in stores.

American Made Leather Belts Pricing

The Main Street Forge journeyman leather belt rings in at an affordable $29.99. We bet you won’t find a leather belt under $30 with a lifetime warranty anywhere else. 

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American Made Leather Belts Reviews

Across the board, reviews for Main Street Forge journeyman leather belts are positive. One customer shared: 

Update: I’ve now been wearing a pair of these belts, one black and one brown, daily for about 18 months and the quality is still there. Nothing really showing as far as wear and tear or hole stretching and I’m not a small guy. I wear 42/44 pant size so the belts are getting a good workout with nothing in the way of degradation in the quality. Good job!

Another buyer said: 

Bought for my husband. Arrived quick. Belt is well made. Thick and extremely sturdy. Not a belt that seems like it will wear out. Great price too!! Will be ordering another for my dad.

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