American Made Kitchen Knives Review: Virginia Boys Kitchens

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American Made Kitchen Knives Review: Virginia Boys Kitchens

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American Made Kitchen Knives Introduction

Whether you’ve dabbled in cooking for years or have a newfound love for home-cooked meals, you know proper kitchen utensils make all the difference. A nice pot helps your soup cook evenly. Eggs slide right onto your plate from a good non-stick pan, and a sharp, durable knife helps you dice and chop effortlessly. When stocking your kitchen with the basics, you’ll want to secure a reliable set of knives. For American Made kitchen knives, we recommend the 8-inch chef knife from Virginia Boys Kitchens.

Virginia Boys Kitchens is a family-run business right out of the Old Dominion itself. The company makes handcrafted products for both cooking and serving. For the former, they offer kitchen knives and cutting boards. In fact, you’ll find boards beautiful enough to be used for charcuterie and other presentation purposes. Plus, they sell their kitchenware on Amazon, which makes these purchasing these products ridiculously convenient.

Chef Knife

American Made Kitchen Knives Considerations

When you’re in the market for kitchen knives, you’re either looking to upgrade or invest in a new set. By purchasing solid knives from the get-go, you won’t need to spend additional money upgrading down the road. You may wonder, “Which specific features make an ideal kitchen knife?”

Since the knife’s main purpose is to cut, you’ll want a product that stays sharp for an extended amount of time. The hardness of the knife, as well as customer reviews, are great indicators of longevity. If the blade is designed to stay sharp, the manufacturer will shout this from the rooftops. In contrast, disgruntled customers who write negative product reviews can help you steer clear of dull blades.

With this in mind, it’s important to know that Virginia Boys Kitchens’ 8-inch chef knife reviews are outstanding on Amazon, climbing to 4.6/5 stars. Upon checking them out, you’ll notice customers appreciate a blade that remains sharp after four, five, and six+ months. Beyond this, many users cite the need to only sharpen their knives a handful of times. This is likely thanks to the heat treatment of the stainless steel used to produce the product. Evidently, it earned the knife a score of 58 on the Rockwell hardness scale — ideal for a knife of this caliber.

Virginia Boys Kitchen Knifes

Flag These Features

Virginia Boys Kitchens not only has great knives, but they have an even greater mission: creating more wood resources than those used to make its products. For every purchase made, the company plants one tree to “replace” it.

Now, we all know Virginia Boys Kitchens doesn’t need an entire tree to create each small-scale kitchen product. In fact, a cutting board utilizes about 1/50th of one. With this in mind, you know that by making a purchase, you’re filling the forests with more resources than what existed before you typed in your credit card information.

Beyond its dedication to the environment, Virginia Boys Kitchens makes it a priority to support local businesses. The company sources steel from a locally run mill in Pennsylvania, while wood hails from trees in the Appalachian region. Additionally, product packaging is 100% recyclable and American-made. Hence, you’ll have a hard time finding an ethical reason to not buy from this stand-up company.

American Made Knife

Price Tags

As far as price, the 8-inch chef knife will cost you $99 on Amazon. Thankfully, there are a handful of special promotions available for this product. When treating yourself to a new knife, you probably deserve to supplement your purchase with a new cutting board too.

Coincidentally, if you buy one from Virginia Boys Kitchens at the time of purchase, you’ll earn a 20% knife discount! And of course, we all know the one-day shipping and free return benefits of making an Amazon Prime purchase (should those benefits apply to you).

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Want to know more about Virginia Boys Kitchens? Visit the company blog for tips like choosing the best cutting board and knife for your needs.

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