American Made Gun Safes Review: Liberty Safe

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American Made Gun Safes Review: Liberty Safe

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American Made Gun Safes Introduction

You’ll want to turn to a trusted source when you’re looking for the best American Made gun safes to hold your handgun or valuables. Thankfully, The Flag’s review squad is thrilled to endorse another quality, American brand. At Liberty Safe, you’ll find gun safes along with home safes, fire safes, and commercial safes. With over two million happy buyers, Liberty Safe is a premier company you can turn to for peace of mind.

With Liberty Safe’s large collection, homeowners don’t need to worry about product performance. You can be confident the best safe for your personal needs is ready and waiting. Moreover, Liberty Safe believes buying a gun safe should be a once-in-a-lifetime choice. As a result, the company builds products that last, but also fit fire-rating standards. Let’s dive in and explore what makes Liberty Safe the best option for American Made gun safes.

American Made Gun Safes Considerations

When you invest in a safe, there are some crucial items to note. First, you’re looking to secure your most valued items: essential documents, precious heirlooms, or guns. Thankfully, Liberty Safe products are equipped with advanced security measures. These proven features will stop potential burglars — or curious kiddos — in their tracks. We’d specifically like to highlight the Liberty HDX-250, a small gun-safe option that boasts quick and secure finger swipe access.

Additionally, the Liberty Safe team tests each gun safe before it’s shipped, so every product is calibrated to do exactly what it’s supposed to do. Liberty Safe also offers an unmatched lifetime gun safe warranty, which happens to be number one in the industry. Therefore, if your safe is in a fire or broken into, Liberty will repair or replace it at no cost to you. Fortunately, this is only one example of how Liberty Safe truly goes above and beyond for its customers.

Flag These Features

Let’s look at some specific qualities of the Liberty HDX-250, which is our top choice for a small gun safe with various features. As we mentioned, these include American craftsmanship, a tamper-resistant design, quick and secure finger swipe access, and a five-year warranty. The Liberty HDX-250 also comes in a compact size, so it’s perfectly designed for nearly any space in your home. Other specific features include:

An illuminated interior. Need to grab items discreetly in the middle of the night or during a blackout? Not a problem!

Super-quick entry. Access is possible in only a second (with the provided AC adapter), or under two seconds with the included battery.

Stainless steel construction. Liberty uses a 14-gauge steel door with built-in, anti-pry tabs. There’s also a reinforced latch system designed to resist pry attacks. This intentional design means you’ll have a heavy-duty product.

Price Tags

We know budget is always top of mind. For the Liberty HDX-250 safe, you can expect to pay $249.82. However, if you choose to add additional features, the price will increase. Considering the role a gun safe plays in keeping your family out of harm’s way, this is a modest price to pay for a vital addition to your home.

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