American Made Furniture Review: Stickley

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American Made Furniture Review: Stickley

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American Made Furniture Introduction

Maybe you’re looking to update your living room or spruce up the home office. Whatever your furniture needs may be, Stickley has you covered. This American Made furniture company has been around since 1900, with a unique history that begins with five Flemish brothers.

The Stickley brothers — Gustav, Leopold, Charles, Albert, and John George — lived their lives according to a Flemish craftsman catchphrase, which ultimately became the guiding star for their business: Als Ik Kan. Translated, this means, “To the best of my ability.” One of the brothers, Gustav, would even mark their pieces with this phrase as a promise of integrity and high quality. Below is a characterized picture of the Flemish family.

American Made Furniture Considerations

When you’re looking to furnish your home, you may think of your more immediate needs. You might wonder if you’ll enjoy a dining room set or a couch in a few years, but how often do you look decades down the road when selecting a piece of furniture? Thankfully, Stickley craftsmen build their furniture to last. Their hope is that each generation will pass the pieces down for years to come.

This is why the brand obsesses over timeless styles that your grandkids will be happy to inherit one day. And since Stickley pieces can easily become family heirlooms, a warm touch of nostalgia is often associated with the furniture.

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Flag These Features

Stickley furniture is American Made, and the company is proud to prove it. It’s located in New York in the original L. and J.G. Stickley Factory. In fact, buyers can enjoy tours to watch the production process in action. When you pay them a visit, you can see pieces made over a century ago, as well as new ones available for purchase. Gallery documents help depict the company’s journey. Plus, the tour is free.

Another key brand saying is “living in harmony with nature,” which has been a company mantra since Stickley’s inception in 1900. Since their craftsmen make high-quality furniture, they reduce waste in the long run. Additionally, Stickley is a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council. This group is always seeking new green practices with a constant quest to help consumers make eco-friendly choices.

Price Tags

Stickley offers furniture for the living roomofficedining room, and bedroom. As you can imagine, prices vary greatly based on which piece(s) you’re looking to buy. One specific item we’d like to recommend is a Stickley rocker — a key part of the collection since the company launched. There’s something about a rocker that gives a home a welcoming feel, whether it’s by the living room fireplace or in the corner of a bedroom.

As we’ve alluded to, Stickley furniture becomes more valuable with time — of course, that’s if you take proper care of your furniture to keep it in good working shape. Brand pieces are collector’s items, and every year for over 20 years, Stickley has produced a collector’s edition selection.

These items typically come with a story. For example, the 2021 Collector Edition Harvey Ellis Console Desk features a story about Gustav, one of the Stickley brothers. While you may personally use the desk for Zoom calls, Stickley envisions how Gustav may have used the piece. Perhaps he worked up new furniture designs, with paperwork strewn across the shining wood. It’s a nice touch that helps connect the past to the present.

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Looking for More?

Want to learn more about the company? The Stickley Museum website offers a detailed history of how this company came to be what it is today.

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