American Made Furniture North Carolina: Maiden Home

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American Made Furniture North Carolina: Maiden Home

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American Made Furniture North Carolina Introduction

Are you looking to redecorate? Or maybe you’re moving into a bigger space? If you need new furniture, you should consider pieces that hail from the great state of North Carolina. American Made furniture from North Carolina should absolutely be on your radar because the Tar Heel State is proudly known as “The Furniture Capital of the World.”

Specifically, the town of High Point earned North Carolina this distinction. From a historical perspective, the region saw the furniture market take off back in the 1800s due to the bounty of timber in the area, as well as the ability to transport finished products easily on the Southern Railway. Given this thriving industry, the area attracts top-notch craftsmen — some whom had the craft passed down to them while others flock to the area to learn more. The latter is why the owner of Maiden Home sought out North Carolinian expertise when launching her company.

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American Made Furniture North Carolina Considerations

When you buy furniture, it goes without saying that you want it to last for a long time. A sofa might suit you for a decade, a table and chairs perhaps double that, and a bed frame will likely hold up somewhere in between. Furniture isn’t something you buy every day, so you need to focus on quality whenever you’re in the market.

Since you want to hold on to this furniture for as long as you can, you should also focus on pieces that won’t go out of style as time moves on. You may be willing to seek out the latest trends when it comes to accent items like a planter or stool, but stick to a timeless look for your pricier and larger pieces. The matching furniture trend — like matching your bed to your nightstand — is slowly slipping away, so you’ll do well to simply focus on furniture that complements the entire set.

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Flag These Features

With high quality and timeless style in mind, look to Maiden Home for everything you’ll need when buying new furniture. Plus, their items are highly customizable. The company’s furniture is custom-made, so you’ll never stroll into your neighbor’s home and see the same sofa or table as the ones in your house. When you explore within the website “Shop” tab, you’ll see separate categories for sofas, sectionals, chairs, beds, tables, and benches/ottomans.

Once you click on your chosen product category, such as a sectional, you can choose the best model to suit your needs. The Build Your Own Jones Modular has 62 fabrics options and “infinite” configurations. In this case, you can choose which pieces of furniture will best come together to make your ideal sectional. Looking for an ottoman piece on both ends? Done. Leather or weave material? Sure. If you can dream it, Maiden Home can custom-build it to your specifications.

Typically, when you buy a piece of furniture you can choose between one or two sizes. Maiden Home in fact gives you a handful of options, which is helpful if you’re doing a full renovation. Maybe you’ll choose a bigger sofa, but then pick a smaller table to go alongside it. The options are endless!

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Price Tags

Given the flexibility of custom pieces, Maiden Home’s prices differ based on the criteria you choose. Each product will typically say “from $-” with a starting price listed. The material you select helps determine the price of your desired furniture. For example, if you want to buy the Warren sofa, choosing fabric for your material will be less expensive than selecting one of the leather options. Likewise, one of the wider sofas will cost more than a more narrow counterpart. Lastly, adding an ottoman will also dictate additional fees. The cheapest combination rings in at $2,125, but you could wind up with a tally of $6,325 if you opt for all the bells and whistles.

Given the quality and style Maiden Home offers, prices could be far higher. However, the company aims to keep prices low for customers by choosing not to display its furniture in showrooms — as making pieces that go through a wholesaler, a showroom, and more costs a pretty penny. By Maiden Home’s estimate, an average of $4,000 is saved by selling directly to the customer.

North Carolina Furniture - Maiden Home

Looking for More?

Want to know more about Maiden Home? The company has a blog that offers plenty of advice to anyone looking to buy furniture. Article topics include decorating tips, guides for varied materials offered, and even tours around beautiful homes. This is a great resource for anyone seeking style ideas or help deciding which materials are best suited for them.

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