American Made Flagpoles Review: The Liberty Flagpole Company

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American Made Flagpoles Review: The Liberty Flagpole Company

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There’s just something about the American flag. The contrasting colors of red, white, and blue are majestic. According to The American Legion, white stands for purity. Red represents valor. And finally, blue stands for justice. Likewise, what’s more, patriotic than an American flag flying in the wind on a beautiful summer day? How about an American flag flown up an American Made flagpole? In this iteration of our buying guides, we’ll show you one of our top picks for the best American Made flagpoles: The Liberty Flagpole Company. 

This company’s products are all made in America and reflect a wide variety of options. The Liberty Flagpole Company is veteran-owned and dedicated to helping others express their patriotism for this great country. Now, let’s jump in and talk about the company’s 20-foot aluminum flagpole kit, an excellent option for all consumers.

American Made Flagpoles Considerations

Designed to fly Old Glory or any other flags of choice, flagpoles need to meet certain quality standards. Not only do you want something made in America, but you’d like it to last a lifetime. Among other things, durability is the most important thing to consider. You don’t want to buy a flagpole that rusts, breaks down over time, and can’t do the job in extreme conditions such as during a severe thunderstorm or snowstorm. Flagpoles live outdoors, face the elements every day, and take a beating. Above all, when you’re reviewing these products, you need to consider durability, features, and style.

Flag These American Made Flagpoles Features

So, you’ve been looking for a quality flagpole that withstands the test of time and all the elements. We get it. You’re sick of buying foreign-made goods that rust, crack, and break within a less-than-ideal period of time. Thankfully, with the Liberty Flagpole Company’s 20-foot aluminum flagpole, you’re getting durability and quality with the added benefit of buying an American-Made product — supporting a small business and the local economy at the same time. 

This product comes in a kit. Unlike other flagpoles, this kit includes the flagpole, hardware, mounting and installation instructions, and a flag. With respect to the flagpole itself, it is comprised of five sections and is telescopic. This 20-foot-tall flagpole is aluminum, so it won’t rust or corrode. Beyond this, the kit also comes with a golden ball ornament that adds a nice touch to the top of the pole, and the hardware included can in fact fly two flags at once. In our book, that’s a good bang for your buck.  

American Made Flag Pole

American Made Flagpoles Pricing

For this buying guide, we chose the most popular and best-priced option for the average homeowner. Consequently, the 20-foot aluminum flagpole kit clocks in at $245. Sometimes, Liberty Flagpole runs sales so be sure to check their website.

FAQs To Flag

Where is the Liberty Flagpole Company located? 

As mentioned, all products listed on the Liberty Flagpole company website are made in the USA. Specifically, the company itself is located in Holyoke, MA. 

What is the diameter of the aluminum flagpole? 

The flagpole is 2″ in diameter. 

How big is the included flag? 

The nylon flag included with the kit is 3’x5′. 

Flag Polls: What the Public Thinks About the Product

Reviews of the 20-foot aluminum flagpole kit are positive across the board. That’s not surprising, considering the features, looks, and durability of the product at hand. Nevertheless, read on to see what customers had to say about their purchase: 

It arrived quickly. Shortly after installing the flash pole, a wind storm blew in. The 45 – 50 mph gusts didn’t phase it. Great quality!

Another happy customer said: 

A very high-quality pole. The 9 ga aluminum is the thickest that I found. I fly the 3×5’ flag given with the pole. Had 55mph winds pole is straight as an arrow. If u want to buy one pole for years to come this is it! Very happy customer.

Finally, another buyer said: 

I purchased this flag pole to withstand the winds at my residence. I live on a lake and the north wind blows across it constantly at high speeds. The last flag pole I had broke off at the base within a couple of months. We had a thunderstorm the first night I put this one up with 70 mph winds and it stood grand and tall. Lots of compliments from my neighbors.

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