American Made Flag Review: Rushmore Rose USA

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American Made Flag Review: Rushmore Rose USA

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The first American flag was made on June 14, 1777. To this day, it’s unclear who designed it. The debate continues about whether Betty Ross or Francis Hopkinson brought the stars and stripes to fruition. Regardless of who created it, the American flag represents something much bigger than all of us. Indeed, to buy one means you’re investing in the future of this country. Moreover, by flying an American flag, you’re promoting the spirit and honor of America daily. The flag should be American Made to uphold these values. 

At The Flag, we love the USA and enjoy bringing you American Made goods that stand for something important. Ironically, most American flags aren’t made in the country they’re meant to represent. So, we’re presenting our top American Made flag pick: Rushmore Rose USA. 

Some Background About The Brand

A small business operated by Charles Miller and his family, Rushmore Rose USA is passionate about America. The family celebrates the American spirit with respect, honor, and hope. Consequently, they believe all flags flown in this country should come from America, not overseas. That’s why the company makes 100% of its flags in the United States. This has a positive impact on the American economy as a whole, as it supports your fellow citizens and helps small business owners thrive. 

American Made Flag Considerations

When people fly flags outdoors, they take a beating. The sun bakes them every day, and rain and wind can take a toll as well. Therefore, to preserve the look and performance of this national symbol, you’ll need to buy the best one out there. When you’re looking for an American flag to fly outside, there are a few different considerations to keep in mind. How big is the flag? What do other consumers say about it, and is it durable? We’ll cover all features, so keep reading to find out why this 3’x5′ flag by Rushmore Rose USA is our top pick in the category. 

Flag These American Made Flag Features

First and foremost, the biggest detail that sets this flag apart is its FMAA certification. The FMAA (Flag Manufacturers Association of America) is an organization that certifies flags made in America. Beyond this, the entity verifies that companies source all materials from America as well. This is a noble mission that aligns with Rushmore Rose’s values. 

This American flag is 3’x5′ and made of durable nylon fabric. Fortunately, nylon stands in all kinds of harsh weather conditions, so you can be confident your flag will fly strong—rain or shine. Nevertheless, the fabric is also light and flies well in even the lightest of winds. The flag features heavy-duty brass grommets, and quadruple-stitched hems ensure durability and strength. Moreover, the flag features embroidered stars and sewn stripes. As such, there aren’t any low-quality graphics or prints that will fade over time like those on other flags. 

American Made Flag Pricing

All flags offered are a great value, especially considering their quality and durability. There are three sizes to choose from. For the 3’x5′, you’ll pay $29.95. That’s not bad! A slightly larger size (4’x6′) costs $49.62. Finally, the 5’x8′ flag is $59.62. That’s some serious bang for your buck. 

FAQs To Flag

What’s the warranty on Rushmore Rose USA flags? 

Every flag features a one-year warranty and satisfaction guarantee. 

Where is Rushmore Rose USA located? 

The company is based in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. 

Which size flag should I buy? 

The most popular and common-sized flag is the 3’x5′. It will accommodate many applications, and whether you want to fly it from a pole in your yard or boat, it’s sure to please. 

Flag Polls: What the Public Thinks About the Product

Reviews for Rushmore Rose USA American flags are overwhelmingly positive. Check them out for yourself: 

I got this after reading a lot of positive reviews. It is really well made; I like the heavy grommets and the quadruple stitching. And the fabric does not feel thin or cheap. Nice vivid colors too, and thick embroidery on the stars. 

Another satisfied buyer said: 

Best Made in the USA American Flag! There are many companies out there who advertise that their flag is proudly made in the USA, but they deliver a product that I would be embarrassed to hang outside my home. Rushmore Rose USA flags are the real deal. 

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