American Made Cowboy Boots: Justin Boots

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American Made Cowboy Boots: Justin Boots

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American Made Cowboy Boots Introduction

There’s nothing more American than a good ol’ pair of American Made cowboy boots. Watch any classic western movie, and you’ll see the hero sporting a pair of beat-up boots as he saves the day and rides off into the sunset. Whether you want your own set to wear while working on the ranch or you’re heading to a tailgate for your favorite sports team, Justin Boots has a variety of options.

Herman Joseph Justin, who went by H.J., launched Justin Boots in 1879 to quite humble beginnings. H.J. set out to fulfill his dream of becoming a bootmaker with only $5 to his name. He initially worked as an apprentice cobbler at a shoe shop, where he learned how to make shoes. Then, he acquired the skills needed to fix old and worn-out shoes, and he started his boot repair business.

In time, he decided he was equipped to make the best custom boots in the world, and with a bit of funding from those who believed in him, Justin Boots was born. Since then, company products have been enjoyed by the masses – including movie stars and presidents.

Justin Boots

American Made Cowboy Boots Considerations

When deciding to invest in a pair of American Made cowboy boots, there are many details to consider. First, you should zero in on their role in your shoe collection. Thankfully, Justin Boots divides its website into three categories: WesternWork, or Casual. There may be overlapping traits between these, but it does help if you know what you’re looking for. To that end, their casual shoes are short and aren’t classified as boots. You’ll want to steer away from this category while looking for your perfect pair of cowboy boots.

The main distinction between Western and Work Boots is their intended purpose. Western boots offer the authentic style you’d expect in a pair of cowboy boots. You can usually identify Western varieties by their round or square toes.

Work boots often offer a steel toe, which is excellent for protection. While Western boots prioritize the unique style associated with this type of shoe, Work Boots’ designs are centered around the ability to keep up with you as you work. Of course, work boots still keep style in mind, but featured designs may not be as intricate as their counterparts.

Cowboy Boots

Flag These Features

While some brands cater more towards either men or women, Justin Boots has extensive options for both. Plus, there are boots for children. Therefore, it’s possible to outfit the whole family, whether you need work boots for mom and dad or fashion-forward varieties for the kids. It’s no surprise that Justin Boots accommodates the entire crew, as family was very important to H.J. when he founded the company.

If you dive deeper into the brand’s history, you’ll learn H.J. met his wife, Annie, at their Texan town’s square dance. Annie was indeed a catalyst for Justin Boots’ success in its earlier days. Before online ordering ever existed, she equipped the company to take orders from people out of town – or even out of state. 

Annie also discovered the measurements needed to remotely construct custom boots, which brought mail orders into the mix. With so many cattlemen passing through the South, this helped their business boom.

H.J. and Annie had seven children, some of whom also fell in love with the boot-making business. The duo renamed the company H.J. Justin and Sons when their children, John and Earl, joined the team full-time. Thanks to their combined hard work, the boots were soon selling across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and even as far as Australia.

Cowboy Boots

Price Tags

At Justin Boots, cowboy boots cost anywhere from $70 to $1500. On the lower end of the spectrum, you’ll find simpler pairs. As the boots increase in price, you’ll see more intricate stitching, nicer leathers, and eye-catching designs. The majority of Justin Boots fall between $100-300, which is a fair market price for a nice pair of boots.

Our pick for the best American Made cowboy boots is the Jackson style. These western-style boots ring in at $160, yet the marble design work is on par with some pricier pairs that Justin Boots offers. The boots are slightly distressed, giving off a vintage vibe. Minimal stitching is unique and subtle, making these boots extremely versatile and apt to match anything in your wardrobe. Rounding out the boots’ features, you’ll also find cushioned insoles for the ultimate comfort.

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