American Made Cigars Review: El Cigar Shop

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American Made Cigars Review: El Cigar Shop

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American Made Cigars Introduction

Love the smell of tobacco? Enjoy the signature thread of smoke from a high-quality cigar? Our team at The Flag loves to review American Made products, and cigars are no exception. So, we are happy to highlight El Cigar Shop, which is a standout brand for cigar lovers.

If you’re interested in tobacco sourced from prime locations like the Connecticut River Valley, El Cigar has you covered. The shop features El Titan de Bronze cigars that are hand-made in the historic district of Little Havana, Miami. “Level 9” rollers craft each one in the traditional Cuban style and finish them with a complex triple cap. Then, a master roller and blender provide the final inspection. Ultimately, El Cigar Shop has our stamp of approval for these reasons and more.

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American Made Cigars Considerations

It’s hard to beat the caramel taste of a freshly rolled cigar. In this guide we’ll specifically take a look at the most important features of the Family Series Sawyer-Blanton’s Bourbon Infused Toro.

A chief concern for cigar buyers is where the company makes its products. If you are looking to support local communities in the USA, an American Made cigar is a must. Moreover, if you want a distinct flavor these cigars feature bourbon distilled in Frankfort, Kentucky with notes of oak, sweetness, and hints of spice from Nicaraguan tobacco.

Of course, the wrapper is important too. Cigar experts often prefer a Habano or “Havano” wrapper — a nod to Cuba’s capital city — which is a leaf grown from Cuban seed. As noted on their site, “a luscious Habano wrapper encases this Nicaraguan puro, showcasing a complex yet extremely smooth blending of aged tobaccos infused with small batch, single barrel Blanton’s Bourbon.”

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Flag These Features

This product also has some other notable features, especially if you need a cigar for a special occasion. The brand uses Blanton’s premium single barrel bourbon, and it features notes of wood and citrus. Additionally, this well-crafted cigar uses hints of vanilla, oak, spice, and sweetness for a rounded flavor profile.

Before they go out, the company boxes and dates each small batch of cigars to make sure only the best quality ships. Born from a union between El Titan de Bronze (from Miami) and the master infusers at 1880 International, this cigar is a high-quality product with a distinct flavor.

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Price Tags

A Sawyer-Blanton Bourbon Infused Toro cigar costs $24.95, plus tax. However, promo codes are available on the website.

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