American Made Belts Review: Belted Cow Company

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American Made Belts Review: Belted Cow Company

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There’s nothing worse than when a comfortable pair of pants sag. Thankfully, belts provide an easy solution to this problem. However, not all belts are the same. Cheap varieties may save you some money in the short term, but it’s better to fix the problem once and for all with a durable, well-crafted, lasting solution.

As an American, you slip on your pants each day like everyone else. So, why not do it with comfort and style? This buying guide features the best American Made belts from Belted Cow Company and covers the basics: style, comfort, price, brand history, and belt features. Let’s dive in.

Quality made belt

A Little Bit About The Brand

Maine, 2004: Jim Taylor launched Belted Cow Company with a simple idea: to make belts that stand out in a sea of subpar designs. Jim believes belts should be as unique as the person who wears them. It all started with a few local artists and friends, who Jim leaned on to provide distinctive designs for the company’s classic ribbon belts. As Belted Cow grew, it adopted even more artists and designers. Today, the company works with a talented pool of illustrators and artists who design belts, pet collars, and hats. 

The name, Belted Cow Company, is rooted in Jim’s past. While attending college in Vermont, he noticed how cows outnumbered people. In particular, Belted Galloway cows stood out to him, as this breed features a white “belt” around its midsection. Hence, the company name was born.

Long lasting belt

American Made Belts Considerations

When it comes to clothes, you should always opt for quality over quantity. Well, the same goes for belts. You want a belt that’ll last for years and keep your trousers secure around your waist. If you’re on the hunt for a new one, a few considerations come to mind. First and foremost is quality. Second, how does it look? Does it fit your style or fashion? What do other people have to say about it? Finally, how much does it cost? Read on to learn key details of our top American Made belts pick: the Belted Cow Company. 

Flag These American Made Belts Features

Made in Maine, every Belted Cow Company belt is the definition of American durability and quality. The leather tab belt is an artisan-designed accessory made to last for years to come. Take a look at the materials. Each belt features cast brass buckles, leather sourced from the Midwest, and high-quality cotton spun in Rhode Island. 

Each design is crafted by a talented team of artists. This belt, specifically, features an all-American look with a woven American flag and leather accompaniment. Beyond this, the neutral beige color of the cotton contrasts nicely with the flag’s bright colors and rich-colored leather.

FAQs To Flag

Where are Belted Cow Company belts made? 

Maine, USA

Is there a product warranty? 

Belted Cow Company will replace your belt, free of charge, if it arrives with any defect or damage. 

American Made Belts Pricing 

When you buy a new belt, you’re looking for durability, quality, and style. With those boxes checked, let’s zero in on another important factor to consider: price. Clocking in at a cool $54, this product definitely gives you some bang for your buck.

Belted Cow Company Belts

American Made Belts Reviews

Before making a purchase, a savvy buyer will explore product reviews posted by other consumers. Key pieces of feedback on this leather tab belt include:

Quality made belt from the stitching to the materials and leather. Fits well!

Another happy buyer said: 

Very pleased with my purchase, and happy to support an American business. Nice job Belted Cow!

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