American Made Backpacks Review: Topo Designs

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American Made Backpacks Review: Topo Designs

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Something that sets Americans apart from the rest of the world is our desire to explore. We thrive on discovery, innovation, and action. We’re doers, not complainers. Americans get things done, so it makes sense that you’re on the hunt for a backpack that does the same.

In this buying guide, we’ll tell you about our top pick for American Made backpacks, the Klettersack, by Topo Designs. Topo Designs is an American brand, with products that are American-sourced and manufactured.

A Little Background Story

Jedd Rose and Mark Hansen are the all-American founders of Topo Designs. Both have always been passionate about the outdoors.

Jedd grew up in the wide-open spaces of Wyoming and spent time hunting, fishing, and camping. After working for more than a decade in the design and branding world, he decided to take the leap and launch Topo Designs in Colorado.

Mark lived in Pennsylvania and California before finally settling in Colorado. He’s always spent time outside for work and play. Before founding Topo Designs, Mark worked as a middle school teacher, a field biologist in Northern California and Oregon, and a software designer. So, it’s safe to say that both Jedd and Mark aren’t strangers to trying new things.

Prior to forming the company, they set out to find something new but something that also paid homage to outdoor gear from the good old days. Unfortunately, the products they stumbled upon were foreign-made and didn’t last. Jedd decided to take matters into his own hands. It’s a classic American startup story—circa 2008.

Instead of searching endlessly for the perfect gear, Jedd hunkered down in his Fort Collins basement to design and stitch the brand’s first backpacks. While Jedd got to work creating next-level gear, Mark searched for local sources and manufacturers. To this day, they still work with the same partners. If that’s not an all-American story of building from the ground up, what is?

Topo Backpacks

American Made Backpacks Considerations

When you’re on the hunt for reliable adventure gear, there are some essential considerations. First, the most crucial factor to think about is its durability. After all, if you buy a backpack to use on a cross-country trip and the bag can’t even last a week, it’s a waste of both time and money.

You also need to think about the product features. Does it have enough pockets, zippers, and compartments for all your gear? Finally, is it sylish? Keep reading, and we’ll fill you in on all the bells and whistles of the Klettersack by Topo Designs.

American Made Backpacks

Flag These American Made Backpacks Features

The Klettersack is chock-full of excellent features for any daytripper, adventurer, or student. 

Is this bag durable? Oh, yeah. Constructed for the roughest terrain, the Klettersack is an excellent all-around backpack. The outside of the bag is 1000D Cordura®, a fabric designed to withstand any environment it faces. 

The backpack has a large main compartment that’s great for storing clothes, blankets, and snacks. There’s a drawstring on the top of the main compartment that, when paired with the flap top with buckles, ensures everything inside is secure. If you’re a student or use a laptop for work, the sleeve in the main compartment can hold 15″ laptops. 

Additionally, there are two water bottle pockets and a zippered pocket on the flap top. That’s some serious storage! There’s nothing worse than buying a backpack only to realize it doesn’t have pockets for water—an essential component of any outdoor adventure. 


This classic pack design is sure to turn heads. The Klettersack comes in five colors: black, clay, olive green, navy, and charcoal gray. The Cordura® fabric is a strong nylon weave with a natural look, and it fits any aesthetic without compromising durability. 

American Made Backpacks Pricing

Now that you know all the great features and styles accompanying this top-notch backpack, let’s take a look at the price tag. When it comes to cost, with Topo Designs, you pay for what you get: quality. The Klettersack is $113.40.

American Made Backpacks Reviews

It’s no surprise to find that reviews for the Klettersack are positive. Take a look for yourself below: 

I have used this bag for hiking as well as walking in the city. Highly recommend!

Another happy buyer said: 

I got this bag 2 years ago for my boyfriend (now husband). He uses it almost every day and it has lasted. Such great quality! We both love it still to this day.

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