American Made Backpack: MIS Product Review

Ana Altchek Contributor
American Made Backpack: MIS Product Review

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Need a new bag to take with you on the go? Sometimes, finding the right backpack can be challenging. While you don’t want to look bulky, you also need something practical to hold and organize all of your belongings. Thankfully, MIS combined simplicity and style to create the perfect American Made backpack for your needs. When you purchase an American Made backpack from MIS, you’ll support an American-owned business. Plus, you’ll effectively carry all your items and look good while doing so. Here at The Flag, we search for the best American Made goods and services, so all you have to do is read on. 

American Made Backpack: Considerations

We made careful considerations before choosing to highlight the MIS American Made backpack. Our first priority was to find a product that is made in the USA. By doing so, we aim to support local economies and create more jobs for American citizens. Next, we browsed the market for the most practical and stylish American Made backpack. While purses or briefcases may seem more sophisticated, a backpack is often better for organizing your belongings. With that said, you should experience the best of both worlds. Therefore, we made sure to find a backpack that is not only practical but attractive as well. Lastly, we chose a reasonably priced product so that you feel confident in every category when purchasing your American Made backpack. 

Flag These Features: American Made Backpacks

After browsing a wide range of models, we discovered MIS, a brand that makes all products in the USA. MIS not only manufactures American Made backpacks, they’ve in fact mastered the trade. Here’s what they offer:

High Quality: MIS produces American Made backpacks at a California factory that also makes American military products. All MIS products, materials, and fabrics are certified via Military Specification (Mil-Spec). These techniques can hold up under the harshest conditions, even in the polar regions! The MIS backpack embodies the definition of high function and durability, with a heavy-duty self-repairing nylon coil zipper, front zippered pocket with special webbing, and adjustable padded straps. It’s also built to protect your belongings with water-resistant material and a padded laptop holder.  

Style: MIS is located in one of the trendiest regions of the US, and their products reflect this. This backpack manages to hold all your necessities in an organized fashion without looking bulky. It’s offered in thirteen neutral colors, matching just about anything you may wear. While most MIS products come in camouflage, this particular backpack offers seven unique camouflage tones — a unique way to stand apart from the crowd, despite “blending in!”

Convenience: You wouldn’t expect that a backpack so small in size and trendy in appearance would also fit everything you need. MIS stands for “Make It Simple” — and this backpack does just that — holding everything you need without unnecessary zippers, pockets, and padding. Given Mil-Spec technology, the company builds these products with simplicity and functionality in mind. They’re sturdy, durable, and made for any type of use. This specific model measures 12”W x 17”H x 5.5”D, so it can comfortably fit a 15” laptop among various other items. 

American Made Backpack: Price Tag

How many times have you replaced a backpack over your lifetime? Probably too many to count. Thankfully, this American Made backpack costs $140 and comes with a lifetime warranty. Considering you’ll use this incomparable product for years to come, this deal is hard to match. When you make a purchase, you’re investing in American businesses along with your future. That’s because this backpack will stash your most important belongings in a bag that will stand the test of time.

Flag These Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the company return policy?

As long as you return the product within a week of receiving it, you can get a full refund. However, MIS subtracts shipping costs from the total refund amount. If customers choose the “free shipping” option, the company will deduct $10 from the total amount refunded.

What’s the exchange policy?

If you receive a defective product, you can exchange it for free by emailing [email protected] within three days after receipt.

How much does shipping cost for multiple items?

For shipping within the USA, there is a $10 flat-rate fee. For international shipping, there is a $50 charge.

How long does each product take to ship?

After you order your product, the company will ship it out within one to three business days. MIS is closed on weekends and US holidays.

Are there any store locations?

If you check the “STOCKIST” page, you can find stores that sell MIS items. 

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