Our Flag Fifteen: Companies Making American Flags Here in the US

James Flippin Contributor
Our Flag Fifteen: Companies Making American Flags Here in the US

American Flags made in the USA come from all corners of the country. Here is a list of our top 15 manufacturers.


On June 14th, 1777, Congress passed the first ever Flag Act, stating that the American flag was to include 13 alternating red and white stripes, with a blue field and 13 stars forming a constellation. Red represents courage on the battlefield while white represents innocence and purity. Overall, there have been 27 versions of the American flag. The current flag, in place since 1960, is the only version to last over 50 years.

As British troops attacked Baltimore’s Fort McHenry during the War of 1812, a young lawyer by the name of Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner, providing the flag an anthem to go with it. During the flag’s earliest days, they were most commonly made out of wool sourced from Britain, while homemade flags typically utilized cotton. Linen and silk was often used for some flags.

Later, as the Civil War was coming to a close, President Abraham Lincoln ordered all flag bunting purchased by the Federal Government must be American made. This all but ended the popular use of British wool in constructing American flags. During the 20th century, presidents Howard Taft and Dwight Eisenhower further standardized the placement of the stars, sewn stripes, and the spacing involved.

In modern times, as is the case with so many products, many US flags are made in large manufacturing facilities. These mass produced items include polyester American flags, nylon American flags, and others made of cotton that are more popular indoors. Synthetic fibers are stronger and resist tearing so they’re most commonly used as outdoor flags. They also tend to maintain more vibrant colors, while cotton American flags are typically used for decorative purposes.

That flag came about on June 14, 1777 when congress passed the first of three major flag acts . The first act stated that “the flag of the US shall consist of 13 alternating stripes of red on white with 13 white stars on a blue field forming a new constellation.

While it’s true the country has seen a large number of manufacturing jobs and facilities move overseas in recent decades, American flags are a product you can typically count on to be made in the USA. According to the Flag Manufacturers Association of America, a non-profit trade association established in 2003, 94% of all American flags are made in the US. We’ve selected 15 companies that make the red, white, and blue in the states, and present them here as our “Flag Fifteen.”

1) Annin Flag Company

Originally a ship chandler who sold supplies and equipment to ships in New York City’s Lower Manhattan, Annin Flag Company began focusing on flag production in 1847. One of the company’s most significant early commissions was for the inauguration of President Zachary Taylor in 1849.

From there, the company’s flags became entwined with a large list of famous American events, and you can say Annin has certainly produced some historical flags. It began when the US Signal Corps ordered all of its flags from Annin during the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln’s casket was later draped with one of its flags. The flags flown at the Brooklyn Bridge’s opening ceremony, the flag raised atop Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima, and the flag left behind on the surface of the moon by Apollo 11’s crew were all made by Annin Flag Company, according to their records.

In the 1960s Annin built a modern five-story manufacturing facility in New Jersey that has since been made into condominiums. One of its most popular products includes the Tough Tex style of flag, which is considered highly resistant to wind damage. Today, most of the company’s flags are manufactured at facilities in Ohio and Virginia.

2) Veterans Flag Depot

Our next flag maker in the spotlight is located in Crossroads, Texas, and was founded in 2004. The company is dedicated to founder Tony Kauffman’s father, who was a veteran of both WWII and Korea, having served in the US Army for 37 years. Veterans Flag Deport offers a wide selection of quality American flags and related products through its flag store. Its mission statement also notes that Veterans Flag Depot honors all men and women who have served in uniform.

Veterans Flag Depot notes while its pride and joy is the American flag, the company also makes flags for military bases, National Guard units, veterans of foreign war posts, and the American Legion. Its website also features a number of resources for flag owners concerning things like proper care, and how long flags should last. The company also notes 100% of its flags are made in the US.

Within its FAQ section, Veterans Flag Depot notes its nylon flag utilizing Dupont SolarMax is its most popular item. These types of flags fly in a light breeze, stand up well to bright sunlight, and dry quickly. Polyester flags are also available, which tend to be ideal for high-wind locations, and last longer with richer colors. Veterans Flag Depot says its cotton flags offer the richest colors, making them ideal for indoor display.

3) Valley Forge Flag Company

The Valley Forge Flag Company was founded in 1882, and remains a family-run business to this day. Originally, it sold burlap bags and expanded into WW1 surplus, including American flags. The formal start to the Valley Forge brand of flags came during the Great Depression, when a small sewing factory was opened Spring City, Pennsylvania, about 30 miles northwest of Philadelphia.

Valley Forge Flag Co. says its flags were flown on the beaches of Normandy and throughout the European Campaign that followed. The company also says its flag was used by the Pacific Fleet during WW2. The caskets of US Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Richard M. Nixon, and John F. Kennedy were all draped with Valley Forge flags.

The company makes a point of noting all of its flags are made from material sourced in the USA, by American workers. It’s a founding member of the Flag Manufacturers’ Association of America (FMAA). Valley Forge Flag Co. also notes its joined some of its industry peers in calling for more strict enforcement of laws governing how imported products should be labeled.

4) Allegiance Flag Supply

Founded by three friends in 2018, Allegiance Flag Supply describes itself a the “small batch whiskey” of American flag makers. Max Berry, Wes Lyon and Katie Lyon all found that after purchasing their homes, handmade flags quickly became tattered after flying in the wind for just a short period of time. Similarly, other flags purchased online were found to be low-quality, imported, and they routinely wrapped around the flagpole.

Since its beginning, the company has focused on sourcing high-quality materials, having tested out various fabrics and sewing techniques. Eventually Allegiance Flag Supply also started working with a third-generation family-owned factory that had lost most of its work to overseas suppliers.

Allegiance Flag Supply makes all of its products in Charleston, South Carolina. Reviews from customers note the company’s selection of American flags are of high quality, and their flagpole and mount also get high remarks. Many of the same satisfied customers note the flag has a tendency to fly in even the slightest breeze during outdoor use, despite being heavy-duty enough to last and avoid showing wear and tear after repeated use.

5) Eder Flag Manufacturing Company

Eder Flag Manufacturing traces its roots back to seven brothers from the Eder family who founded the company in 1887. Originally, it focused on making felt pennants, rag dolls, hunting jackets, and pillows. In 1903, Eder Manufacturing started making flags, many of them outdoor American flags. In 2016, the company finalized plans to transfer ownership into the hands of Eder’s employees, which had been a long-term goal. It also ensured the company’s operations would remain in the Milwaukee area.

One of the most famous moments involving Eder’s flags was caught on camera and lives in the memories of many Americans. On 9-11, when the Twin Towers fell in New York City, first responders noticed a large flag affixed to a 130-foot yacht docked nearby.  Firefighter Daniel McWilliams used a saw to cut down the pole holding up the flag, and carefully rolled it up before bringing it to a flagpole that was jutting up from the wreckage at Gound Zero.

Eder’s executives saw the photo and heard the story, when they realized the owners of that yacht had purchased flags from the company. It was eventually confirmed the flag that was raised in that iconic 9-11 photo was in fact made by Eder Flag Manufacturing, in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. The over 100-year-old company’s owner-employees continue to make flags there to this day. Eder says it sells over 20,000 different products and make over five million US flags every year, making it the nation’s largest manufacturer of both flags and flagpoles.

6) FlagsUSA

Headquartered in Illinois, FlagsUSA has been making the red, white, and blue at home in America for over 30-years. The company notes in addition to USA-made American flags, it also specializes in state, international, and custom flags. FlagsUSA offers military flags as well, such as the US Marine Corps flag, Air Force flag, Army, Navy, and the Coast Guard. The company says it often includes sells outdoor flags to towns, counties, federal sites, and schools all around the country.

FlagsUSA also makes a point of noting it’s a family owned and operated business, which is run by a group of women who oversee the day to day operations. Its flags are made at the company’s facility in Bartlett, Illinois, which is located around 30 miles west of Chicago.

7) CF Flag AKA Chicago Flag and Decorating Company

Up next is CF Flag, which is also known as the Chicago Flag and Decorating Company, which dates back to its founding. The company launched in 1898 and has since become one of the leading flag manufactures in the United States. A member of the Flag Manufacturers’ Association of America (FMAA), today the company is located in Huntsville, Alabama, which is in the heart of the Tennessee Valley.

CF Flag is one of FMAA’s founding members, and it’s fully committed to promoting the sale of American flags that are made in America. This includes making sure its own products meet the FMAA’s rigorous standards and requirements for highest quality.

Sitting on around 15 acres there in the Huntsville metropolitan area, CF Flag makes all of its products at its own facilities that include around 80,000 square feet of manufacturing space. The company notes it routinely gives to local charities and takes part in vocational training programs. Its products are sold through independent retailers and distributors, and features an online catalog of its own.

8) Rushmore Rose USA

Rushmore Rose USA identifies itself as a small and family-run business that puts a priority of patriotism. The company describes the American flag as the nation’s heritage and future, noting its respect and honor for the stars and stripes. It sells nylon and cotton flags as well as flagoples.

The company’s founder, Charles Miller, notes the company is proud to make all of its flags in the USA. Rushmore Rose USA is also an open supporter of US manufacturing in general. Its ecommerce site specifically calls out the high number of US flags that are made in China for sale in the US.

Rushmore Rose USA celebrates its flags vibrant colors and ability to fly in even the lightest winds. Reviews featured on its website tend to note the high-quality stitching and embroidery, especially with regards to its American flag’s sars. Rushmore Rose is highly rated on Amazon, with over 16,000 five star reviews. It also has a section on its website noting ways to spot fake flags. The company is a FMAA member.

Founded in 2016, Rushmore Rose USA operates out of and makes its flags in Houston, Texas.

9) Kronberg’s Flags and Flagpoles

We stay in the “Space City” of Houston for our next flagmaker, as Kronberg’s Flags and Flagpoles is about a 20 minute’s drive from Rushmore Rose USA. You just head east on Interstate 10 and south on Interstate 610 to get there. Kronberg’s has been in business for over 50 years, and notes it has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, with no complaints since 2003.

Kronbergs is known for several fun television spots its recorded and aired over the decades, one of which features owner and founder Ron Kronberg. In a separate instance, George Washington is stressing how long its taking Betsy Ross to sew an American flag, so she gets frustrated and places a call to Kronbergs.

In a sign of its dedication to service, quality, and respect for the flag, Kronbergs makes a point of noting it offers free fly-end re-hemming of all its flags, as well as proper disposal for any flag that’s frayed beyond repair. The company also has a team that will install residential flagpoles, as well as larger poles for businesses and commercial settings. Its website notes it maintains an extensive inventory of flags at its Houston warehouse, while also having the ability to craft customs flags upon request.

10) MetalHeads

Checking in next on our Flag Fifteen is Metalheads, a company based out of Erie, Pennsylvania that makes metal flags using steel, paint, and airbrushing techniques. The company boasts over 100 years of metal fabrication experience, and makes various American flag designs, in addition custom banners and forms of relief art. On the Metalheads website you can find a gallery featuring its products alongside servicemembers, and they also make POW-MIA flags as well.

The company proudly boasts its handmade products, saying each handmade flag makes its way from the Metalheads’ shop directly into customer’s homes. High-quality metal craftsmanship and extensive checks of the final product are calling cards for Metalheads, who notes it’s a special privilege to help its customers express themselves.

On its website you’ll find various American flag designs, including the company’s signature look that depicts Old Glory in war-torn fashion with scoring, burn marks, and tatters. License plates are also among the American flag themed merchandise made by Metalheads, at their shop in Western PA.

11) Grace Alley

Next up is an American flag company down in Florida’s Space Coast region, by the name of Grace Alley. It’s a veteran and family-owned business based in the sunshine state’s city of Rockledge. Grace Alley is pointed in asking its potential customers: why buy an American flag that was made in China?

A member of the FMAA, Grace Alley also sells all of its American Flags, flag poles, flag pole kits, and mounting brackets backed by a 365-day warranty. It notes that all of its American flags are handmade on site by American workers. Grace Alley lays claim to over 350,000 customers, boasting over 40,000 five-star reviews on the web.

Grace Alley sells cotton UV protected and highly weather-resistant flags that use SolarGuard Durawavez Nylon, as well as colorfast dyes and durable brass grommets. The company also offers a 70% polyester/30% cotton flag that is said to fly extremely well in even a light breeze, while being able to withstand the elements and maintain vibrant color.

On its website, Grace Alley features an inspirational series of blog posts titled Adventures of an American Hero and His American Flag. It’s a three part series that features an email the company received from a Vietnam veteran, and the correspondence that followed. Of course, the company’s site also contains a flag display where you can see some of its various products.

12) Gettysburg Flag Works

Founded in 1993, Gettysburg Flag Works is located in Upstate New York, near the state capital of Albany. The name was chosen by founder Mike Cronin, a veteran of the US Army. It honors the legacy of the American flag, specifically in connection to the Battle of Gettysburg, and the memorial address later given there by President Abraham Lincoln. Cronin says he also considers the company name representative of Americana and the Pennsylvania Dutch work ethic.

Gettysburg Flag Works makes flags, grave markers, garden flags, banners, flagpoles, American flag sets, and other associated hardware. Its company theme lies in being prideful of the American flag and whatever other cause a group or individual wants to support.

Cronin started the company selling flags out of his car and says the surge of patriotism that followed 9-11 helped the company grow significantly. Part of the company’s mission involves working with community groups and giving back. This includes a project the company worked on with Rolling Thunder, building a POW-MIA Chair at Albany International Airport. Together they’ve also worked to raise awareness for both prisoners of war and service members who are missing in action. Other campaigns have involved gold star parents, the American Cancer Society, and the National Fallen Firefighters Association. Gettysburg Flag Works has an entire tab of its website dedicated to the sale of military flags as well, including even the newly created Space Force.

13) AmericanFlags.com

AmericanFlags.com is owned by Precision Marketing Solutions, Inc., a privately held company based out of New York, founded in 2001. The company maintains a variety of ecommerce websites tending to several different consumer markets. It sells American flags as well as state flags, lapel pins, military flags, and flagpoles for both homes and businesses.

A member of the BBB, AmericanFlags.com markets itself as one of the world’s largest flag retailers. The company has been noted for its patriotism in the Congressional Record, and has been profiled in both Forbes as well as the Wall Street Journal. It’s also known for being active in the Long Island community, where its operations are located. The company’s site discloses this has included everything from flag donations, to event sponsorships, and even direct financial assistance.

Company president and CEO Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds has been interviewed by publications on multiple occasions, including by CNBC, Fox Business, and countless radio shows. AmericanFlags.com says its customers range from major corporations to small businesses, as well as schools, universities, churches, and numerous hardware stores. The company’s base of operations is along Veterans Memorial Highway, in Holbrook.

14) Liberty Flags: The American Wave

Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Liberty Flags was founded by Art Zakharian, who emigrated to the United States as a young Armenian refugee in the 1970s. He had been encouraged by a group of GIs to move to America and take advantage of its opportunities, particularly in the midwest. After moving with his family several times, Zakharian settled down in Oklahoma.

During the move, it was discovered that the family’s flag used to celebrate holidays had been lost. While Zakharian kept the flag received at his naturalization ceremony for the rest of his life, it was now necessary to purchase an additional flag for display purposes. He soon realized he was unable to find an American flag made in the US, which inspired his decision to create Liberty Flags in 1982.

The still family-owned company is operated by Zakharian’s daughter Charlotte, who notes the company doesn’t just make flags, but also works to educate customers. For example, Liberty Flag’s website has a “half-staff” calendar that lists dates and ways the flag is supposed to be displayed. The company added “The American Wave” to its name, connecting to Art Zakharian’s motto that “every order and customer is valuable.” Also sticking to the reason he founded the business, all of the company’s flags are US made.

15) Global Flags Unlimited AKA FlagCo

We close out our Flag Fifteen with another US-based American Flag maker that opened its doors in the 1980s. Global Flags Unlimited, which is also known as FlagCo, features one of the internet’s oldest ecommerce sites. You can purchase a flag kit, new flag, and complete your checkout all on their main page. The company has been locally owned and operated in Acworth, Georgia since 1989.

FlagCo maintains five main departments, including its flag division, flagpoles, flagpole lighting, arts & graphics, and its warehousing division, which also handles shipping. The company’s website notes it all started as a result of a local real estate agent’s request. Its first project involved the creation of a custom flag, in order to attract business to a listing.

Several decades later, FlagCo sells around 6,000 different products, including a patented flagpole beacon that claims to effectively light up your flag without causing light pollution throughout your neighborhood. The company notably provided flags to the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, and Turner Field, the former home of the Atlanta Braves. Several major corporations, army bases, and international universities also proudly fly Global Flags Unlimited’s banners, including Georgetown’s campus in Qatar. If you’ve ever passed through Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, chances are you’ve laid eyes on a FlagCo flag.