🇺🇸 Bullets in Buffalo
May 17, 2022

Good morning, and happy Tuesday. Emerging from the tragedy in Buffalo are tales of heroism, including the story of this retired cop…

Plus, Hawaii is waging war on 'aggressive' feral chickens. The chickens are winning.

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ab521640-e2ad-6400-4ea0-8848d603c575.png 5/16: Biden Job Approval, Rasmussen Reports Approve 42,
Disapprove 56
ab521640-e2ad-6400-4ea0-8848d603c575.png 5/16: Direction of Country, Rasmussen Reports Right Track 26,
Wrong Track 66
R 5/12: Generic Congress Vote, Monmouth Republicans 50,
Democrats 43

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A Horrible Milestone, Troops to Somalia, McDonalds Exits Russia

US: US deaths from COVID hit 1 million, less than 2 1/2 years in (AP)

US: Biden approves sending US Special Operations troops to Somalia (Fox News)

US: Store guard confronted Buffalo suspect during March visit, online account says (WaPo / Paywall)

US: California churchgoers hog-tied gunman in deadly attack (NPR)

US: Calf Canyon/Hermits Peak Fire becomes largest wildfire in New Mexico history (ABC)

US: COVID vaccines could have prevented 319K deaths (Axios)

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US: Trump Says Scandal-Ridden Madison Cawthorn Should Get ‘Second Chance’ (Rolling Stone)

World: McDonald's to leave Russia for good after 30 years (BBC)


Bullets in Buffalo

This past weekend in Buffalo, New York 10 people were killed and three were wounded during a shooting at a grocery store. The 18-year-old alleged shooter reportedly wrote a racist manifesto beforehand, and 11 of the shooting victims were African American.

News Coverage from the Right: 'We have bodies down here!' Radio call captures Buffalo mass shooting horror (New York Post)

News Coverage from the Left: Buffalo suspect had plans to continue his killing rampage: Commissioner (ABC)

From the Flag: The attack was also live streamed on the platform Twitch. Separate mass shootings unfolded in California and Texas. Here is how both sides reacted to the senseless tragedy in Buffalo. 


Gun Laws Mean Little When Conservative Establishment Sells Hate

  • This racist attack was fueled by white supremacy, and that must be directly confronted head-on in order to have any hope of a solution.
  • The “replacement theory” myth motivated the shooter’s rampage and manifesto, showing conservative commentators and other radicals are inspiring others.
  • Far-right propaganda drives the broader conservative movement, which is why it’s so hard to tackle this issue through gun laws or better regulation of social media.

“The Black victims of the Buffalo shooting were killed by white supremacy” Eugene Robinson, The Washington Post Opinion: “Do not dare look away from the bloody horror that left 10 dead in Buffalo. Do not dare write off the shooter as somehow uniquely ‘troubled.’ Those Black victims were murdered by white supremacy, which grows today in fertile soil nourished not just by fringe-dwelling racists but by politicians and other opportunists who call themselves mainstream. … Political leaders and commentators from far left to far right will denounce Saturday’s massacre. … Nothing meaningful will change. What we need to talk about is how politicians and thought leaders on the right are using the vile poison of replacement theory to further their own selfish ends — garnering campaign donations and votes, boosting television ratings, achieving fame. And we need to talk about how most of this demagoguery is coming from people who should know, and probably do know, that what they are telling potential killers … is complete fiction.”

“Deadly shootings like the one in Buffalo could be prevented. Here's how” Peter Bergen, CNN Opinion: “The story is all-too familiar: A man allegedly armed with grievance and a gun kills fellow citizens who are strangers to him, singling them out only because of their race or creed. It's a very American tale of domestic terrorism which appears to have struck once again on Saturday, this time in the city of Buffalo, New York. And it is playing out with increasing frequency in the United States. … Just as school shooters learn from other school shootings, terrorists learn from -- and are inspired by -- other terrorists. A manifesto allegedly published online by the Buffalo attacker named and celebrated several other racist terrorists. And like the White supremacists accused in multiple recent mass shootings, the alleged attacker in Buffalo was obsessed with the idea that Whites are being ‘replaced’ by other ethnic groups.”

One more opinion piece from the Left: Republicans are fueling extremism and terror like the Buffalo shooting Cas Mudde, The Guardian Opinion


While Media Holds Up Manifesto, Mental Illness Should be the Focus

  • Despite the sensitive politics behind the alleged shooter’s manifesto, in truth mental illness remains the most common denominator with violent suspects of this type, and gun laws should reflect that.
  • The alleged shooter is delusional and completely fails to understand the way most Americans feel about issues of race, violence, and radical politics.
  • While the media has been quick to paint the shooter’s manifesto as a right wing playbook, in truth his views are incoherent and include left-leaning positions.

“The Massacre in Buffalo” The Editorial Board, Wall Street Journal: “We’ll learn more about the shooter’s motives and mindset, but it’s worth noting … (he) fits the profile of other young men who become mass shooters at an age when mental illness often strikes. Keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill isn’t easy, but it’s one form of gun control that would do some good. Mr. Gendron is suspected of being the author of a 180-page manifesto expressing racist and anti-Semitic views. … Partisans are already using the massacre to leap to broader political conclusions, as they always do. There’s no doubt that a racist subculture exists in America and is spread on social media. … But mass shooters have had many motivations in recent years, and mental illness seems to be the most significant common denominator, to the extent there is one.”

“Delusions of accused Buffalo shooter are the reverse of reality” Editorial Board, New York Post: “Accused Buffalo shooter Payton Gendron says he was inspired by New Zealand’s Brenton Tarrant, united in a belief called the ‘great replacement theory.’ Fueled by the darkest corners of the Internet, this is a delusion that white people are being diminished, and that violence should be used to purge other races from society. It’s racist, moronic garbage. And, as with all extremists, the people he claims to represent loathe him. What did the mass murderer think was going to happen? The rise of an Aryan Buffalo? The remaking of a diverse nation? Just as a member of ISIS thinks somehow Muslims will cheer the bombing of a mosque, just as 1960s radical terrorists like the Weathermen thought they were triggering revolution, this bigot really believed others would welcome a massacre in a supermarket. No. They’re horrified.”

One more opinion piece from the Right: Here's What the Buffalo Shooter's Alleged Manifesto Actually Says Matt Margolis, PJ Media


Nearly Half Support More Strict Gun Laws

Last month, a survey explored the nation’s gun laws, and how strict they should be. Respondents were specifically asked if “laws concerning the sale of handguns” should be more strict.

While 31% said the laws don’t need to change, 45% said they should be more strict, and 14% said they should be less strict (YouGov).

On a separate track, the alleged shooter in Buffalo reportedly referenced “replacement theory,” which argues some politicians want to replace American-born voters with immigrants for electoral advantages. In a December 2021 AP-NORC poll, Republicans (36%) were more likely to agree with the concept than Democrats (27%).

Flag Poll: Do you think stricter gun laws would have prevented any of the recent mass shootings? Join our discussion here.


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Brown V. Board of Education, Aliens, Lawsuit Backfires

On May 17, 1954, in a major civil rights victory, the US Supreme Court handed down a unanimous decision in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, ruling that racial segregation in public educational facilities is unconstitutional. Above is Chief Justice Earl Warren, the author of the Court's unanimous opinion. 

Scientific American: Creativity Is Much More Than 10,000 Hours of Deliberate Practice

Popular Mechanics: There Used to Be Aliens in Our Galaxy, but They Killed Themselves Off

Popular Science: How to Deal With Movies That Bounce From Too Quiet to Too Loud

Today I Learned DC Comics sued the sneaker company DC Shoes because of their similar logo. However it turned out that DC Comics hadn't trademarked their logo properly, so they lost the case and had to pay the shoe company every year to use their own logo.

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