Are Athletes Essential? - 12/08/2020

Here's what supporters and opponents are saying about designating athletes as essential so they have early access to the COVID-19 vaccine... Keep Reading →
Read Time: approx. 1:56

The Dow Tops 30K - 11/25/2020

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose above 30,000 on Tuesday. Here's how business outlets on both sides covered the historic milestone... Keep Reading →
Read Time: approx. 2:43

The Future of Fox News and CNN - 11/05/2020

If the President is no longer in the picture, whether that's in four days from now or four years from now, what does that mean for networks like MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News? Here are some initial thoughts... Keep Reading →
Read Time: approx. 3:58

92 Days and Counting - 10/21/2020

Here's what both sides are saying about this elusive stimulus package, which has been negotiated for the past 92 days... Keep Reading →
Read Time: approx. 4:01