Biden Administration Projects Border Crossing Boom

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Biden Administration Projects Border Crossing Boom
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The Biden Administration is projecting a border crossing boom to take place between now and September. Here’s what both sides are saying. To have stories like this and more delivered directly to your inbox, be sure to sign up for our newsletter.

Top Story: Border Crossing Boom

Elliot Spagat and Nomaan Merchant, writing for the Associated Press, report: “The Biden administration for the first time Tuesday allowed journalists inside its main border detention facility for migrant children, revealing a severely overcrowded tent structure where more than 4,000 people, including children and families, were crammed into a space intended for 250 and the youngest were kept in a large play pen with mats on the floor for sleeping.”

Axios’ Steph Knight adds that “The Biden administration [is projecting] the number of unaccompanied children crossing the border [to] spiral from more than 16,000 this month to as many as 26,000 in September.”

Here’s what both sides are saying about conditions at the border:

On The Right

Stated plainly, the right sees a disaster entirely of Biden’s making and a coverup to boot.

Senator Ron Johnson writes in Fox News that “The Biden administration may not like it, but Americans have the right to know what is happening” at the border. He states that this “third wave of unaccompanied children and families” didn’t have to happen, but was instead bred by the Biden administration’s decision to reverse effective Trump administration “agreements with Mexico and Guatemala that greatly reduced the migration of children and families.” Johnson claims the policy changes led to predictable results, notably a rise in human trafficking that the Biden administration is ignoring “by setting a goal of processing and releasing migrants within eight hours with no COVID test or identity check.” Ultimately, Johnson sees “nothing humane about enacting policies that entice migrants to make a perilous journey, subjecting themselves to the depredations of human traffickers, sexual abuse, involuntary servitude, and even death.” Keep reading: Biden’s border crisis – here are tragedies I saw during tour of Texas migrant facilities.

On The Left

The left sees a crisis fabricated by Republicans to obstruct Democratic voter rights initiatives.

Robert Reich argues in Newsweek that there is “no surge of migrants at the border,” only “surging hysteria from Republican ranks.” Reich sees this as a normal seasonal pattern, in which “migrants start coming when winter ends…then stop coming in the hotter summer months when the desert is deadly.” However, Reich does acknowledge a “humanitarian crisis of children detained in overcrowded border facilities” and “an even worse humanitarian tragedy in the violence and political oppression in Central America, worsened by US policies over the years.” He accuses Republicans of cynically tying an exaggerated border crisis to “lies that [migrants] are voting illegally, and blatantly anti-democratic restrictions on voting to counter these trumped-up crises.” Reich ends ominously, pronouncing that “Not since the years leading up to the Civil War has the clash between the nation’s two major parties so clearly defined the core challenge facing American democracy.” Keep reading: No, There’s No Border Crisis. Republicans Are Perpetuating Another Big Lie.

Flag This: Border Crossing Boom

According to an NPR/Marist poll on Tuesday, only one-third of Americans approve of Biden’s handling of immigration, while 53% say they disapprove of his performance. Biden has support from his base, with two-thirds of Democrats saying they approve, but his immigration approval ratings are in the tank with Independents and Republicans, who register 27% and 5% approval, respectively. Given the latest polling, expect conservatives to keep pushing border security as one of their cornerstone issues.

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