🇺🇸 Age Is Just a Number?
July 19, 2022

Good morning and happy Tuesday! Polling data suggests Americans aren’t optimistic about where the country is headed, but here are five ways the world’s getting better.

Plus, tons of homes are being built in the suburbs surrounding these US cities…

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Flag Polls

ab521640-e2ad-6400-4ea0-8848d603c575.png 7/18: Biden Job Approval, Rasmussen Reports Approve 42,
Disapprove 57
ab521640-e2ad-6400-4ea0-8848d603c575.png 7/18: Direction of Country, Rasmussen Reports Right Track 25
Wrong Track 70
D 7/13: Generic Congress Vote, NY Times/Sienna Republicans 40,
Democrats 43

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Age Is Just a Number?

With the midterms under four months away, additional scrutiny is being placed on President Biden’s age, as well as former President Trump’s age. Both are widely considered their party’s most likely candidates for president in 2024. The next time a US president is sworn in, Biden will be 83, while Trump will be 78.

News Coverage from the Left: Too old to run again? Biden faces questions about his age as crises mount (The Guardian)

News Coverage from the Right: Trump knocks Biden as ‘one of the oldest 79s in History’ - touts that ‘life begins at 80’ (Fox News)

From The Flag: Numerous media outlets and political pundits have weighed in on the age issue in recent weeks. In March we covered the likelihood of a Biden-Trump rematch. Here’s more from both sides.


Voters Want Change, and Biden’s Track Record Isn’t Quieting Age Concerns

  • American voters want new choices in candidates and changes from Washington, DC, but the nature of politics makes a rematch likely.
  • President Biden has failed to win over voters with his political performance, all while his age was the focus of a recent poll.
  • Biden will have difficulty being reelected in 2024 because he’s lost support from young voters, all while crime and inflation have surged.

“Grumpy old men: the 2024 sequel of Biden and Trump” Michael Goodwin, New York Post Opinion: “Most days it seems the whole country is on fire with demands for dramatic changes in government and society. Yet Democrats are led by octogenarians or those who, like Joe Biden, soon will be. Top Republicans are aged, too, and the party is split into factions for and against Donald Trump, who is not exactly a spring chicken. This combination of public impatience and the advanced age of leaders of both parties would seem to set the stage for sweeping generational change. But what if cynicism is a safer bet and that, despite the clamor for fresh faces, the 2024 presidential race will be a rematch between Biden and Trump? … Polls show most Americans want new options, with Biden and Trump growing older while their popular support is getting smaller.”

“For Biden, Polls Are Probably Worse Than They Seem” David Harsanyi, Real Clear Politics: “I'm just unsure how it gets any better for Biden. … (His) claim to moderation, largely a function of his age, has already been obliterated. Two-thirds of independents don't approve of his performance. At the same time, Biden's progressive rhetoric is also transparently unprincipled. Neither Biden nor any president really has the power to mollify progressives -- not until the Constitution is rendered inoperative. With all that said, the prevailing concern about Biden among voters in the New York Times/Siena College poll isn't ideological; it's his age -- by which we can deduce they mean his competence. In the 2020 race, Biden's fragile state was largely concealed from the public by the campaign and press. These days, on the rare occasions the president wanders into an unscripted interaction, he is incoherent. The chances of the president's cognitive state improving, I'm afraid, are nil. That's not how nature works.”

One more opinion piece from the Right: Young voters flee Biden — but who is the alternative? Joe Concha, The Hill Opinion


Biden’s Age is Overblown Right Now, Could Loom Large Next Election

  • Tremendous political headwinds are the reason Biden has struggled during his first term, not age, although his age is a factor in 2024.
  • The media is obsessed with age and its perceived downside, which is why Biden faces criticism.
  • Criticizing a candidate’s age is one of the oldest and dirtiest tricks in politics.

“Biden’s age isn’t his problem” John Harwood, CNN: “Adversaries cast Biden as too feeble for the demands of the Oval Office… Without doubt, Biden’s age complicates his hopes of winning another term. It has nothing to do with his problems in this one. … Biden’s age clouds his 2024 reelection prospects in any event. He looks the part of the oldest president, walking more stiffly and talking more haltingly than just a few years ago. And voters have good reason to care. With every passing year, even healthy 80-somethings face elevated risks of medical setbacks and mental decline. But a cursory glance at political conditions in other countries makes plain … Biden’s physical condition does not explain his political condition. French President Emmanuel Macron (44) and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (50) rank among the fittest, most vibrant heads of state in the world. Recent measures of their popularity match Biden’s standing in the most recent CNN average of major national polls: 39% approve, 58% disapprove.”

“Joe Biden showing his age, and that’s not a bad thing” Michael Sneed, Chicago Sun-Times Opinion: “Used lately as a dartboard by newspaper columnists and TV pundits voicing concern over his age; low popularity polls; noticeable slips, trips and pauses while speaking, walking or stepping up; Biden is now battling a barrage of criticism as a poster ‘child’ for ageism in his job performance despite giving his country more than four decades of public service. It’s not surprising young voters are fed up with ‘old’ pols and a government of gerontocracy. After all, President Biden will be in his 80s at the end of his first term in office. But if I were Joe, I’d be honked off for a lot of reasons, especially the constant flow of geriatric commercials pitched daily on popular cable news channels inundating us with the downside of old age … which consistently bracket news segments!”

One more opinion piece from the Left: Joe Biden’s Age Isn’t the Problem Andrew V. Lorenzen, The Nation


A Preference for Other Candidates, and Trump Takes a Shot

Polling data released last week suggests American voters don’t want either Biden or Trump to run in 2024. For Biden, 64% say he either “definitely” or “probably” should not run. Trump’s numbers were slightly better in this regard, with 61% opposed to him running (POLITICO-Morning Consult).

Meanwhile, President Trump recently addressed the age issue saying “life begins at 80.” He did blast Biden on his Truth Social app, saying “President Biden is one of the oldest 79s in History.” Biden said he’d “welcome” a rematch with Trump during his recent overseas trip.

Flag Poll: Would you prefer to see younger candidates running for president? Click here to share your thoughts.


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Seneca Falls, Learning Calculus, Dog Ate My Manuscript

On July 19, 1848, at the Wesleyan Chapel in Seneca Falls, New York, a woman’s rights convention—the first ever held in the United States—convened with almost 200 women in attendance. Above is the Declaration of Sentiments from the convention.

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