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Good morning, and happy Tuesday! Age is just a number. This Japanese bodybuilder says it’s important to set goals and take on challenges even as we get older…

Plus, this Ivy League university is so rich it doesn’t even need to charge tuition…

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📉 Biden Job Approval: Approve 42, Disapprove 57 (Rasmussen Reports)

📉 Direction of Country: Right Track 30, Wrong Track 65 (Rasmussen Reports)

🐘 Generic Congressional Vote: Republicans 47, Democrats 43 (Rasmussen Reports)

🐘 Iowa: Trump vs. Biden: Trump 47, Biden 39 (Emerson)


Left: Why Jon Stewart’s Humiliation of an Anti-Trans Official Is So Important (Slate)

Left: Judge: Employers Don't Have To Cover HIV Meds If They Oppose 'Homosexual Behavior' (Huffington Post)

Left: Did Trump admit guilt during his rally in Arizona? (Salon)

Right: Ye reveals hypocritical desperation of conservatives (Washington Examiner)

Right: Top Biden immigration official bends over backward to blame GOP governors for migrant crisis (Blaze)

Right: Top L.A. Democrat Resigns After Comparing Black Child To Monkey In Leaked Racist Audio (Daily Wire)


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Russian Attacks Intensify, Uvalde's Upheaval, Great Resignation Continues

World: Russia launches biggest air strikes since start of Ukraine war (Reuters)

US: $4 gas could be coming — again (CNN)

US: JPMorgan's CEO warns US is months away from recession: 'Very, very serious' (Fox News) + Fed’s Evans says fighting inflation is the top priority even if that means job losses (CNBC)

US: Uvalde school district suspends entire police force, superintendent to retire amid fallout from shooting (ABC News)

US: Russian-speaking hackers disrupt multiple U.S. airport websites (Axios)

Business: Unemployed Americans Who Quit Their Jobs Reaches 30 Year High (Observer)

US: Police warn Oregon beachgoers about grenades washing ashore (The Guardian)


Four Weeks

The midterms are exactly one month away as of today. Voters will head to the polls Tuesday, November 8 to determine the makeup of Congress during the final two years of President Joe Biden’s term. 

Reporting from the Right: Trump: Voters Must Win ‘Historic Victory’ for Republicans in Midterms to Stop Border Crisis (Beitbart)

Reporting from the Left: Democrats won't get as much Obama as they want in the midterms. But he has some other plans. (CNN)

From The Flag: At present Democrats have the majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Polling data suggests its possible the GOP could pick up one or both chambers. Here’s the latest from both sides.


GOP Momentum Can Be Curbed With Proper Messaging

  • President Biden is effectively allowing former President Trump to dominate political discourse, which is lifting up Democrats.
  • Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont says while Democrats can’t ignore the abortion issue, economics also needs to be a focus.
  • By shining a focus on Pennsylvania’s issues with crime, Dr. Oz is making progress on Fetterman in the key Pennsylvania Senate race.

“Joe Biden Knows How to Use Donald Trump” Ezra Klein, New York Times Opinion: “Midterm elections are typically bad for the president’s party. But a midterm taking place alongside this kind of disappointment in the president and his party? It should be cataclysmic. … Perhaps the polls, which have tightened a bit in recent weeks, are underestimating Republican turnout. … But there’s something else distorting this race, too: Biden’s relative absence and Trump’s unusual presence. … Biden simply doesn’t take up much room in the political discourse. He is a far less central, compelling, and controversial figure than Trump or Obama or Bush were before him. He’s gotten a surprising amount done in recent months, but then he fades back into the background. Again, that’s a choice: Biden could easily command more attention by simply trying to command more attention. … If these numbers hold up and Democrats avoid a wipeout in November, Biden is going to owe Trump a fruit basket.”

“Democrats shouldn’t focus only on abortion in the midterms. That’s a mistake” Sen. Bernie Sanders, The Guardian Op-ed: “As someone who has a lifetime 100% pro-choice voting record… there is no question but that Democrats must continue to focus on the right of women to control their own bodies. … But, as we enter the final weeks of the 2022 midterm elections, I am alarmed to hear the advice… that the closing argument of Democrats should focus only on abortion. … In my view... it would be political malpractice for Democrats to ignore the state of the economy and allow Republican lies and distortions to go unanswered. … We have more income and wealth inequality than at any time in the modern history of this country… Is there one Republican prepared to raise taxes on billionaires, or do they want to make a bad situation worse by extending Trump’s tax breaks for the rich and repealing the estate tax?”

One more opinion piece from the Left: Dr. Oz Is Making Campaign All About Crime—and It’s Working Eleanor Clift, Daily Beast


This Is a Chance To Reject Biden’s Version of the Left

  • After the growth of the police state and ballot harvesting in 2020, the fate of American democracy is at stake with these midterms.
  • Despite a temptation to view America as hopelessly divided politically, the midterms highlight what most people want.
  • When analyzing polling data and recent trends it seems Republicans have some momentum heading into the midterms.

“Why This Midterm is Critical to Saving America” Scott Powell, Newsmax: “America’s democratic form of constitutional republic is on the verge of breaking down because of political corruption at the highest levels and the concurrent decline in civility and growing mob behavior. … In September, there have been raids, seizures of phones, computers and records and the serving of subpoenas and/or search warrants on some 50 high-level Trump supporters. Collectively, these actions over that last several months suggest that United States is closer to a police state than a constitutional democracy. Americans couldn’t have a clearer clarion to wake up and take action by voting... There will be various false flag events as we approach the November 8 election day, with the intention of creating civil disturbances that would justify martial law and provide justification for election postponement or promotion of another mail-in/ballot harvesting fiasco. None of these can be allowed to happen.”

“What really divides America” Joel Kotkin, Unherd: “In short, both major parties stoke polarisation, the primary beneficiaries of which are those parties’ own political machines. But most Americans broadly want the same things: safety, economic security, a post-pandemic return to normalcy, and an end to dependence on China. Their divisions are based not so much on ideology but on the real circumstances of their everyday life. The most critical, yet least appreciated, of these circumstances is class. America has long been celebrated as the ‘land of opportunity’, yet for working and middle-class people in particular, opportunity is increasingly (hard) to come by. With inflation elevated and a recession seemingly on the horizon, pocketbook issues are likely to become even more important in the coming months. According to a NBC News poll, for instance, nearly two-thirds of Americans say their pay check is falling behind the cost of living, and the Republicans hold a 19-point advantage over the Democrats on the economy.”

One more opinion piece from the Right: Axios: Don't look now, but GOP has the Senate momentum Ed Morrissey, Hot Air


Who’s Voting, and How Are They Leaning?

Polling data released earlier this month showed 67% of Americans say they “definitely” plan to vote in the midterms. Broken out along party lines, Republicans (72%) are more likely to vote than Democrats (67%) or Independents (59%) (Morning Consult).

Meanwhile, in terms of how those votes will be cast, YouGov’s polling indicates 44.7% of respondents favor Democrats in the midterms while 44% favor Republicans. FiveThirtyEight’s average shows 45.4% favoring Democrats and 44.5% favoring Republicans.


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Apollo 7, Strong Bones, Gravity-Assisted Heightening

On October 11, 1968, Apollo 7, the first manned Apollo mission, was launched with astronauts Walter M. Schirra (center), Jr.; Donn F. Eisele (left); and Walter Cunningham (right) aboard. Under the command of Schirra, the crew of Apollo 7 conducted an 11-day orbit of Earth, during which the crew transmitted the first live television broadcasts from orbit.

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